Inside the Tent: British Conservative Party

September 4, 2008

Philippa Broom from the British Conservative Party — invited by its sister party, the GOP, to attend the convention in St. Paul — speaks about why America’s presidential pick is important to Britain. This video was shot by Inside the Tent contributor John Steward.

Reuters Inside the Tent equipped more than 40 delegates and other attendees in St. Paul and the Democratic National Convention last week in Denver with video cameras to capture the conventions from the ground up. Steward is not an employee of Reuters, and any views expressed are her own.

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The real truth is that, as in Britain, after a couple of terms of one party, it is good for everybody to have a change. It keeps up the pretence that democracy is working, if nothing else. The real pity of these elections is that the choice to be made is an invidious one – neither candidate has any real merit at all. Where are the great statesmen with genuine stature and principles? Surely there must be two such people in a country of more than 250 million people? Unfortunately they ain’t the people on offer.

In Europe we’re not doing any better: Sarkozy is an appalling spiv, Blair was a clever scheming opportunist, and Brown… well, the less we say about him the better.

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