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March 10, 2009

The global economic crisis is the biggest story in modern times and a record audience is turning to Reuters for information you can trust. I share with you some changes we’ve brought to and to help you understand the financial turmoil and benefit from the expertise of our 2,550 journalists around the globe. You’ll notice more headlines from our financial correspondents and more video interviews with business newsmakers. We’ve added a new Economy section, increased our coverage of regulation and will soon relaunch our small business and environment pages.

Our Great Debate section has added more financial commentary from our growing team of Reuters columnists, with technology expert Eric Auchard among the writers joining James Saft, John Kemp and Bernd Debusmann. We also offer more graphics for better insight into the financial markets. And we continue to add specialist blogs, with Hedge Hub providing a place for readers to discuss the hedge fund industry with journalists such as Laurence Fletcher.

Of course, we know you rely on us for news of the political and cultural trends that influence our personal and professional worlds. You’ll find full coverage of the new U.S. administration on our Barack Obama: First 100 Days page, while pages ranging from Afghanistan to Wine can be found in our Topics section. Our India edition has a page dedicated to the national elections there. Bureaus in China, Japan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories have blogs to share their insights and we offer more video from our entertainment reporters. China and Japan have added native language blogs on their local editions.

There will be many more changes throughout 2009 that will help you navigate the unrivaled breadth and depth of Thomson Reuters news and data.  We look forward to unveiling them and to hearing your ideas on what else you would like to see on


David Schlesinger


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Posted by samir | Report as abusive

The best thing which could happen during this recession for the media to stop the excessive and grossly overstated doom and glum reporting. As reported on Reuters today, the national unemployment rate in January was 7.6%. Since 5-6% of all unemployment are the hardcore unemployed or those looking for new jobs anyway, the current figures indicate that 92.4% of all employable people are getting on with their lives, making money and causing the economy to recover. The general public is really tired of media exaggeration.

Posted by jj smith | Report as abusive

I believe you need more human-angle stories. How people cope with unemployment in the U.S. and Europe?. How do former Wall Street employees gave up their lush-style to come back to the earth grim reality?.Also watch out for money-laundering flooding cash-strapped banks and financing the realtors?

Posted by Ricardo | Report as abusive

i totally agree to what jj smith posted ,what fun does media gets after makin people panic,i think reuters can think out of the box showin that 92.4 percent are employed other dumb media would follow hurray we are out of recesion

Posted by aftab | Report as abusive

Hilove the forward thinking teenage daughter sometimes strugles to understand why these things happen,so to inform our future generation maybe consider a teenage news approch somewhere available on blogs etc also on mobile .i suppose their is a lot of need to be upbeat as this (the global position ) is how it is.just keep being openminded and factual.regards

Posted by Tony Gregory | Report as abusive

Forty-five percent of the world’s wealth is gone. This is not a situation where optimism is going to work. It is merely a facet in a long term recovery. The world we live in now is going to be a very different place. In a real sense the world we knew died last year.There are going to terrible choices which will have to be made. The numbers simply do not add up to a possible recovery this year. There is too much unknown and therefore unmeasureable debt. The United States is only one player in a world in which the other countries are generally either worse off or roughly even. Optimism will not cure their problems either.

Posted by James Pilant | Report as abusive

Journalist can take about 80% of the blame. I also agree with JJ smith above. Journalists are terrible with statistics, and cause and effect. You guys blew it. Profit down 90%, but revenue at 95%, get it? 95% employment goes to 94% employment? Antentotal evidence out the wazzooo. Really guys.Part 2 – 50% of global wealth “destroyed”? How about the 35% that will be back in 2,4,5 years? Who’s poor? How about who’s going to be stinking rich when the market turns back up?Shame on your guys and gals.

Posted by Chris in Boulder | Report as abusive

I was a mortgage broker when this started. The banks with the approval of Fannie Mae begin making loans that were half what the standard interest rates were, with reset dates of 5 to 7 years. People were buying milliom and multimillion dollar homes. Now they can’t pay for them and no one wants to buy a million dollar home. They should have listened to George Bush and Allan Greenspan when they warned congress a few years ago to put more regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The very people who laughed at them then are pointing fingers at them now. I have a copy of the warning message. The best thing to do in the situation is to allow the collapse to occur, then we won’t have inflation connected to the depression which only makes it twice as bad.

Posted by Austin Hinkle | Report as abusive

I agree that the doom and gloom media just keeps coming, what they need to do is focus on the positive things. Like taking municipal solid waste (MSW) and turning it into biofuel to run generators to power homes and produce organic food through terraponics, like SSTP.PK does.

Posted by Tim – Houston | Report as abusive

Its good to hear the following changes which will make reauters a new & find experience.Barack Obama: First 100 Days is a good reading experience.

Posted by Pankaj Anant Nanal | Report as abusive

Good..will be great to read and learn from good people.

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

I don’t want human interest stories. I can get that from my local news. And that’s why I don’t watch my local news. And I don’t want happy, optimistic news.I want facts. Hard facts. I want to learn why this happened, how it will end, and what will follow.Right now I have half a dozen tabs open with everything from Yahoo finance to the Economist, along with Reuters.The source that’s the most compelling will become my financial news source. Will it be Reuters? We shall see.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

Just to add. How about a daily lesson. What happened today, and why. Give it a global macroeconomic spin. Not an analysis. An explanation. With a glossary of sorts. Today’s Financial 101.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

I agree with these comments, the media is very negative and this has produced a negative society. I am old enough to have been in the great depression and remember Roosevelt’s upbeat, positive messages in his fireside chats. He provided hope and confidence and spoke in plain English that even a child could understand. Today’s speeches are very technical and filled with acronyms (did anyone understand what Geithner said in his first appearance before the committee?)In addition, the Republicans in congress voted for Roosevelts proposals, there was no partisan bickering.

Posted by Charles R Gaush | Report as abusive

Don’t knock doom and gloom. It’s the only growth industry we have right now.

Posted by hotairmail | Report as abusive

Those talking are the same as the stay at home brigade 1940 – 1945.Get out there and get on with it and stop talking.

Posted by James A Owen | Report as abusive

I feel Reuters is a Synonym of Truth, Thank You.

Posted by San | Report as abusive

thanks David. Keep on adding more stuff related to Businees World especially if u can come up with more business data and facts about world most renowned company and their current posistion

Posted by amit | Report as abusive

its good news that reauters is changing but we awant news stories dont want human stories and give report of bse and nse like reliance money online live rates so people can see here only.

Posted by NEELKANTH | Report as abusive