Graphic: Climate change and water

March 12, 2009

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The graphic shows very well the gravity of the issue of Global Warming. Current Global Economic Downturn helps the mankind to think differently as well as collectively to overcome the dependancy over Fossil Fuel Based Technologies. Even though Environmentally Sound Technologies, known as ESTs, are often considered more expensive than the existing Fossil Fuel Based Technologies, the transition to EST driven manufacturing and service industries can become a platform for a new economic growth for sectors such as agriculture, forestry, and even tourism.
Climate Change is a universal issue and it has to be dealt collectively. ESTs know how sharing policies between developed and developing countries, will be needed on an unprecedented scale. Those who degrade the environment insanely are accountable for their act and they have a moral responsability to contribute back to the environment. In other word, Environmental Cost. Thus, ESTs are able to provide Win Win solutions, allowing the Greener Global Economic Growth and Climate Change Mitigation to proceed hand in hand.
Existing fossil fuel dependancy will be diminished with the supporting deployment of mature renewable energies as biomass, geothermal, solar, wind, and hydro energy as well as providing public awareness on efficient utilisation of energy.

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