Graphic: Antiviral stockpiles

April 30, 2009


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What happened to Relenza the other antiviral approved by the CDC and WHO? A large number of countries own stocks of this antiviral treatment. It also works against seasonal flu, unlike tamiflu.

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Do you think that there is a new strain of influenza A virus is a highly resistant to tamiflu drug or not ? Thank you for your help .
Kind regards

Dr. Adel Ahmed Bakir
Tripoli – Libya

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Is Africa ready for the Swine Flu?

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One may well ask whether Africa is ready for H1N1; I would guess the answer should be manifestly clear, since cases have been confirmed almost all over the planet – except in Africa. Apparently no cases have been reported on the entire continent. Not one. Conclusion? Not only is Africa not READY for the virus, but the correct lab test kits probably haven’t got here yet.
I’d love to kow the answer.

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[…] 請見Reuters的報導。 […]

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Use IV (Banana Bag) if you do not have anti-viral drugs. Nobody is talking about the matter of morbidity from Country to Country and that is concerning.

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