Graphic: Bunker buster bomb

August 3, 2009


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Without question, this project should begin now.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

I love this weapon. Simply adding it to our arsenal ensures we will never have to use it. That’s a good military program in my book.

Posted by chad | Report as abusive

Beautiful. We should:1.) Put it in the B2 & B52 arsenals ASAP.2.) Display it’s capabilities by using it against the Taliban hiding in the mountain caves. Just so the press (ie: NBC/Al jazeera)can see it.3.) Adapt it to a cruise missile or a ballistic missile platform.4.) Sell it to Israel.God Bless the US Military-Industrial Complex

Posted by Ray Maxwell | Report as abusive

@Ray Maxwell: There is no such thing as a 31,000 lb. cruise missile, that’s about 10 times the weight of US cruise missiles. A B-52 would be blown out of the sky, only a low observable technology aircraft like B-2 could be used. There are no high-explosive ballistic missiles, only low weight nuclear warheads. Do your homework.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Best news I’ve read all day. Strap it on and let’s rodeo…

Posted by Tom Lyons | Report as abusive

Proof that we all could use a bit more schooling — the metric weight (9.8 million kg)reported in the article is off by a factor of 1000 (Try 9800 kg). And how many schools and health clinics could we have paid for in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran with lasting effect, for the price of this bomb?

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

The B-52 would be just fine to deliver this bomb against the Taliban. They don’t have a fighter or missile to take down a B-52.This thing could be delivered by a B-747 if we wanted to. It’s guided to the target by laser so the higher the better. That lets it get up a good head of steam for maximum penetration.

Posted by Ben Bosma | Report as abusive

Fantastic, but the production date is a full year out, which gives our effigy-burning pals plenty of time to either bolster their own fortifications or do the unthinkable and pull the trigger.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

This worries me :-(Everyone seems so gun-ho happy.Anybody sorted out the 9-11 conspiracy theory yet ?????

Posted by Masclatpete | Report as abusive

the ordinance weighs 5300lb. A D-5 Trident II can carry itD-5 Trident II (SLBM) 7,400+ km/2,800 kg (2800kg = 6160lb) eets/missiles

Posted by JoeShmo | Report as abusive

Mop isn’t meant to be a much larger version cruise missile: no offense intended, but those remarks miss the point altogether. The military has no suitable non-nuclear option for use against Iran & N. Korea. You kind of destroy lots and lots of civilians if you use a jelly bomb, for example. Hence, Mop. Payload ratios are also irrelevant, & B-52’s will not be retrofitted once again. This weapon is designed specifically for the B-2. Informing the world of our new device by deploying it against the Taliban in Pakistan might not be the most sound geostrategic decision. On the other hand, Mr. Truman has set a precedent for just such an outcoming, although at an indefensible cost. By all means the weapon should be shared with Israel, but let’s not insist that the Knesset make the hard choices. It’s time to put an end to both the Iranian & N. Korean nuclear programs. A pre-emptive strike against the nuclear facilities, contradistiguished from the populations, of both of these two countries would serve to introduce our new weapon & make the earth a little more stable for its inhabitants.

Posted by Thomas A Boyd | Report as abusive

I can’t believe your graphic is correct.The obvious point to hit your graphic is at the intersection of the excessively thick top and the side walls.The second most obvious action is to penetrate the ground beside walls of the bunker.

Posted by Bobw | Report as abusive

I say pop one of these puppies off and post a video of this baby in action on You Tube. That way our enemies will know we speak the truth and that we can find them even under 200 feet of Iraqi dirt. Diplomacy sure doesn’t seem to be working, so let’s get down to their level and blast the hell out of ’em so that they can get their 70 virgins (or whatever the number is).

Posted by Johnny John | Report as abusive

We should use up the remaining inventory of smaller MOPs in the mean time. I recommend starting with the UN building in NYC. Maybe Madoff would like to catch one in his teeth as well?

Posted by Johhny Five | Report as abusive

This blog shows how inhumane and bloodthirsty the American public can be. We already have the most deadly killing machines and spend half as much as the rest of the world combined on the military–and it seems that this is not enough. This is really something that we do not need. This is sick, sick, sick.The very idea that some poorly armed third world country without any effective air defense would attack a nuclear armed America or Israel is insane.

Posted by guyrene | Report as abusive

I think that there is a possibility of turning things around in Iraq. But, with N. Korea, no way. Not going to happen. We forget that our values and world view are not shared by others. N. Korea is like a little bully in grade school. It’s not til someone older and bigger comes along and knocks off their block that they start to understand the concept of limits. They like to talk big, and set off their fireworks. Actions can have repurcussions, and its time for that government to feel the effect of “percussion” from a blast. People mention a demo. Here’s an idea . . . . . how about during one of their next military parades in their square where all their military morons and their deluded leaders go to mesmerize the masses into submission . . . that we drop four of these criters right in the square and in the nice big government buildings there. And, if they are dumb enough to launch a missle, take it out, and then unleash a storm of conventional missles all over their butts. Perhaps that will give the people of the country an opportunity to rebuild something of merit; but at least the oppressive cancer of communism will be gone.

Posted by DB | Report as abusive

This bomb won’t have much to show as the action will be mostly underground. You will “feel the earth move under your feet” like a large earthquake if you are near. Most of the weight is in the nose penetrator. they generally use a combination of Titanium for hardness and tungsten for weight and durability. The walls in the early penetrator bombs were made from 155 mm cannon tubes: strong and tough magnesium steel. Both countries have the specs on our older bombs and supposedly have built structures strong enough to resist these older weapons. These are not antipersonnel weapons, they are anti structural weapons. They won’t kill many people above ground. But the structures underground will be collapsed and those hiding there will die. Active armor may in the future have some hope of stopping them, but it would be very very hard to retrofit a layer of explosives above these sites to target the weaker sidewalls of this weapon as it penetrates. The problem in Iran is that the sites are spread out and you would need a lot of these to effectively take them all out. Laser targeting suffers from clouds and windstorms, not to mention, once the first one goes off, there will be dust all through the air around the site. I would like to see a backup GPS system capability.

Posted by SparkyVA | Report as abusive

Wonderful were can I go to sign up to help build it. I will work any shift any day. I can start tomorrow morning!

Posted by albert | Report as abusive

to: guyrenethe facts of life are unchangeable there will always be people that want to kill another, and life will always have winners and losers. me I want to live and i want to win the fact that you can spend your money on fastfood or entertainment is all the proof you need for the bomb if you dont like this life style then leave and take your bleeding heart with you or shut up and enjoy everything this country has given us.

Posted by josh | Report as abusive

guyrene, move to France. You think that the mid-east will ever look for peaceful ways to exist with the rest of the world. They never have is all of history. They are nothing more then thugs that have manipulated a religeon to justify there murderous ways.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Oops, I meant “their” not “there”

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Countries want to destroy other countries for economic gain and population control and that’s just how it is. sorry the world isn’t a pretty enough place for you. Just be happy you leftists here in America can drive your Prius instead of a donkey cart. See it’s not all bad. 😉

Posted by james gooch | Report as abusive

If only you that are keen on distruction realise the harm you are doing to America.Your ignorance and belief of your superiority created 9/11.As with all great powers, the mistakes made by belligerance and faith in weapon-systems created their downfall.Is it not better to realise the world reads these blogs and confirms the blood-thistiness of the uneducated American?Thank God for a new sense of reality in the new presidency.Gung-hoism has already embarrassed us and made us look as a second rate, bombastic war-lord.Think economy and healthcare stupid!

Posted by ray agius | Report as abusive

This is a rehash of the earthquake bombs deployed by the British in WW2. They were used to destroy the German UBoat Pens which were very heavily fortified. The inventors name was Barnes Wallis the name of the bombs were Tallboy and Grand Slam.

Posted by Jeff Thompson | Report as abusive

Ray – when you have lunatic leaders like North Korea’s or fanatic leaders like Iran’s that have or are acquiring nuclear weapons, you can’t afford to bury your head in the sand and pretend the problem doesn’t exist. It would be “stupid” (to use your word) to not give yourself as many options as possible for dealing with it.

Posted by Marc T | Report as abusive

Mr. Agius, people who misspell 5 out of 100 words have no right to call anyone ignorant, EVER.

Posted by SRM | Report as abusive

Three cheers for the US, this should cause a rise of toilet paper sales in Communist and Muslim countries, that is, if they used any.This will lessen any of their need for health care options.And on another plus side, feed the carrion with a renewable food source.Sincerely Po

Posted by Massoud Hassam | Report as abusive

Nice. But I’m not sure how effective it would be against caves in countries like Afghanistan.I’d like to see more development along the lines of anti-matter weapons and direct energy laser beams. China has already invested billions in the latter. I think the direct energy weapons is probably the way of the future.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

I think when you say people America, you actually mean the USA. “America” refers to all three americas (South America, Central America, North America). Please use the proper wording. Thanks

Posted by Falcon | Report as abusive

the weakness seems to be the laser guidance. High quality targets must be assumed to be protected by all kinds of warning and detecting devices. Laser guidance works only with a clear sky, day or night. And 200 feet penetrating power are not the world. I can imagine quality targets in mine shafts 500 to 1500 meters deep, with soil and rock overhead. ( 1 meter about 3 feet)The observer

Posted by | Report as abusive

G.I. Joe says “It’s best to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Besides, many of my superiors find it helps them, er, uhh “get into the mood” better than Viagra.”

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

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