Where in the world is Fuld?

September 7, 2009

Since the Lehman collapse, former CEO Richard Fuld has been largely out of the public eye, although he has been spotted at “power lunch” restaurants in New York and was interviewed by a Reuters reporter in remote Ketchum, Idaho.


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the middle class might say, with a certain malevolence, “sad? the guy is sad after selling his condo for a few mill and still has estates hither and yon?” that is understandable, but doesn’t understand mr. fuld, whose ego and self-worth have taken a shellacking. big dogs, sent to the porch, suffer a great deal. still, his pity party is revolting.

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I will be happy to switch identities and bank accounts with Mr. Fuld at any time!

Posted by P’funk | Report as abusive

Fuld had plenty of time to raise capital for Lehman to prevent it from going under – the problem is that he was greedy and always thought Lehman stock was worth more than it was trading for.

Posted by authoriseduser | Report as abusive

His first name is Dick; a very appropriate name, don’t you think?

Posted by Mufaso | Report as abusive

This guy and the other guys of his “class” just don’t get it. He belongs to the powerful uberclass of ultra-wealthy that live in world so different from the rest of us that we could never comprehend the priveleges they enjoy. SHAME !!!

Posted by Ultramayan | Report as abusive

As usual, the middle classes whining about someone who made a lot of cash.The rich get richer, because they act, whilst everyone else just bit<hes and moans.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

From an insider, the Lehman losses pale in comparison to the Freddie and Fannie losses which still go un-reported. Why? Because the politicians who created and bolstered these entities, and emboldened Lehman to make highly-aggressive residential loans, don’t want you to know! We are now living in a controlled media environment, and no one knows it…

Posted by K-Man | Report as abusive

no paul. the rich are already rich (often inherited) & further enrich themselves thur connections & inside info.or are you gonna tell me paris hilton & bernie madoff are something special?

Posted by OhioOrrin | Report as abusive

What complete dicks like him forget that there is a God above us who is watching all the actions – whether it be our greed, frauds, hard work, gambling or sex. Guys like him will burn in hell so why not enjoy the time on earth as much as possible as that is short-lived for these guys.

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

I really pity these Lehman guys. In order to make up for everything, lets pay them all $ 5 Billion dollars in bonuses so that they can feel better. It is not they who caused the failure of the bank. In fact each one of them was making money for the firm and the firm was a victim of Treasury and Fed decisions.

Posted by Niranjan | Report as abusive

A CEO is paid not only to run a company, but to also steer a company in the right direction based on predictions, not blind pursuit of higher profit.Contrarily, the so-called “mainstreeters” should learn from their mistakes. Who bought a house they could barely afford? How much money did “joe” borrow for his new 52-inch HDTV? Brand new SUV? It’s about time people realize excessive borrowing (anyone paying minimum amount on CC?) is just as stupid as what Fuld did.

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