Graphic: China emissions targets

September 16, 2009

An international goal to limit global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius appears unreachable even if China embarks on a vast effort to tame its growing greenhouse gas emissions, a Beijing think-tank has said.


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Let’s step back and assess where all this originates:

1. Water, air and earth mixes, it has no boundaries – we are chasing our tails to try and create an impossible ‘accounting system’;

2. Carbon credit derivatives – if I recall correctly, designed by some crazed Japanese trader – what is the debit ?

3. Alternative energy – I would love to see the net present values of those projects – we will most probably pay it off by the year 2500.

4. Whatever the motive or reason for the high populations, China and India should carry some penalty ?

5. Countries with dead patches in their water masses should limit the spreading thereof, even if it is only banning trawling.

Even the energy companies propagate in their very slick TV ads that we will have to use all forms of energy, my point being that we start with the cheapest.

On an esoteric level, the Sun has gone quiet when it should be very active – maybe this is the breather that Mother Earth needs. Maybe the time to de-urbanise ? Unfortunately there is no ‘bright lights’ incentive.

Then again, a volcano may erupt in Yellow Stone and really mess things up quickly, but looking at your chart, China will suffocate us long before then, the same way they do with their poor products.

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How come we don’t see many of these charts before 2007? I mean like for the past 50 years?? I wonder who was the top CO2 emission country then?

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