Graphic: Trade balance in G20 countries

September 22, 2009


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How about US should consume less.

Posted by Frueady | Report as abusive

No surprise; That’s the reason why they want to replace G8 with G20.

Posted by Murali Thoota | Report as abusive

These numbers represent the net of what we import and what we export. The root problem is that the cost of our manufactured goods is too high and is about to get much higher yet. The Obama administration wants to further burden U.S. manufacturers with more regulations, un-funded health care mandates, higher taxes and higher energy costs. Does anyone believe that this will work?

Posted by John Colwell | Report as abusive

the us can thank its fruitless pursuit of useless trinkets for the imbalance. much better for the country and its peoples to pursue more tangible endeavors such as universal health care a clean enviroment and the promotion of justice and sercurity for its own people and promote the same for the rest of the world. i garantee that should your country do such the dollars and employment will come.

Posted by christopher rice | Report as abusive

{Fru: How about US should consume less.}Less what? Less oil, less Chinese gadgets?Which country has per capital the most SUVs?Which country that shops till it drops can’t seem to pass by a “bargain”?

Posted by Lafayette | Report as abusive

I couldn’t agree more with Frueady, but also want to add that Obama’s move to strengthen the US internally is the smartest option we’ve seen to combat these overwhelming forces in years. To look at a problem square in the face, you have to look at the root of the problem. Looking into reforming health care, enabling our nation to be the leader in green technologies and sustainable energy, and encouraging personal savings are 3 key factors. At the same time, we need to do more to encourage small business growth (so Wal Mart doesn’t take over the world) and sstrengthen our economy here at home. Certainly we could afford to export more than we do.

Posted by Matt Reuter | Report as abusive

How will the us get out of ~16000bln$ debt?Should they also be trialed for crimes against humanity for being the biggest exporter of weapons to keep the world at war?And what about the drugs trade both legal and illegal?What is the next step for us/eu communities as BRIC owns most of the worlds land??

Posted by asmal | Report as abusive