Graphic: Iran’s ballastic missiles

September 28, 2009


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At what point does “tolerance” go by the wayside with this madman..Does he not realize that any attempt to carry out his threat to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth” will result in total devastation of his country. When will the Iranian people actual uprise against this religious fanaticism…..

Posted by John Caiazzo | Report as abusive

Israel is no less religiously fanatical than Iran, and that is where the problem lies. it almost seems as if to survive in the middle east you have to be a religious fanatic?

Posted by aaa | Report as abusive

Wake up people the Western Powers are at it again…Trying to manufacture consent for another unjustified war in the middle east Obama answears to the the same masters as all previous administrations. Iran and its leaders have been villified to the max by US media. Unfortunately very few of you can read anything between the lines and the truth will only come out when it’s too late, just like it did after shock and awe and the reasons for the Iraq war were proven false. Surprisingly there are many who still believe Iraq had anything to do with 911.

Posted by Henry | Report as abusive

Once we resort to violence, winning the argument becomes a moot point.

The Middle-East does have enough negative history to make them very wary of our intentions and our interfering in the affairs of the area.

If we were them, we would be fearful of the intentions of others.

Have you ever complied when someone tells you to refrain from doing anything just because you say so?

Up to now they have had the British, Italians, Americans, Russians and Iraqis try to dominate them.

What! do we think they have nothing to suspect us for?
Remember Politics…Remember no one tells you what they do not want you to hear.

There will never be an attack on Iran…no matter the Rhetoric…they are just hoping the citizens of Europe fear enough to give the West a chance to negotiate with some hope for advantage.

Sorry…just stating reality.

Just a thought…has anyone thought of hassling Israel about their Nukes?
Did they develop them is secret?
Wow…Hypocrisy you think!? :o)

Silly aren’t we!

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

Islam religion is fundamentally misleading its followers, may be the holy book it self is written by an extremist or the followers are getting a wrong meaning / message from Holy Qua ran, one way or another we should eliminate concepts like “holy war” from this book, powerful people please talk to top Islamic heads… ASAP

or millions of poor uneducated Islamic friends will get their self killed by attempting to kill others :-)

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

He cannot even nuke Israel without giving some nuclear fallout to his beloved palestian friends.

Posted by Linus Riesnert | Report as abusive

Are you serious? it might be easy in your country or many places to “uprise against” anything you dont agree with but what do you do if you get banged up or even killed if you do? would you go out and fight for what you want knowing that your putting your own life and all your families at risk? thats what the Iranian people are facing, just because they dont want to die does not mean that they agree with what is happening in the country! did all American and British people agree with Afganistan and Iraq? I dont think so but it would be plain stupid to blame the people of the country for what their goverment does and stands for!

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Western Corporate media, as one orchestrated voice says, “Forget about the Bankster government that just stole what was left of your economies. Look over there!
Guys with beards and funny hats have missiles!”

Posted by Otis | Report as abusive

Everyone makes such a big deal about Iran’s weapons. However, the only country in the Middle East with nukes is also the only country that has bombed both other nations and it’s one people.

Israel consistently terrorizes the Palestinians with it’s superior weapons. And Israel has bombed Iraq and Palestine.

They are the real threat. So far, how many countries (besides Iraq when at war) has Iran attacked?

Oh yeah, the U.S. is another country with nukes that has bombed several Middle Eastern countries.

If the U.N. and U.S. treated every country fairly and equally, there would be much fewer problems in the world.

Posted by Abu Ibrahim | Report as abusive

The problem is that Iran’s leader has threatened a powerful country in Israel. He talks out of both sides of his mouth, claiming first that his nuclear capability is strictly for peaceful purposes, then in his next breath that he plans to wipe israel off the map. Such duplicity and public rants is the signs of a madman.

If he really wants just peaceful energy and no nukes, then he should not be testing weapons that threaten and make others nervous. Also Thorium would be a better choice for energy purposes (nuclear reactors) as Thorium can ONLY be used for energy and not for weapons. Yet somehow it must be U238 with high enrichment. That just smacks of lies.

I wouldn’t trust the Iranian leader as far as I could throw him. And understandably, either do the leaders of the world, both western and otherwise. Russia and China don’t like him having nuclear capability either! If it wasn’t for th fanaticism and death to all that think differently than they do mantra, then this wouldn’t even be an issue. But as it stands, its all aboout holy war to the death. This can only end badly for everyone, especially Iran.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

I am an Iranian; please don’t trust to Iran’s regime and dictators.
Only democracy and supporting of people of Iran, can solve the problems.

Posted by Green Iran | Report as abusive

its powerfull !! yep

Posted by pouya golestaneh | Report as abusive