Graphic: Communist China timeline

September 30, 2009

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China has much to be proud of given their spectacular development over the past 60 years. One simply needs to review the Olympics to grasp the Chinese miracle. However, the emphasis during the 60 year celebration on military might is both sad and troubling. If I could speak to the government of China, I would say to them that the people of China are better than that! The world may marvel at her development, but all will be lost if China opts for a militaristic foreign policy. No one threatens China. Yet, they are preparing to act like an Imperialist power. They should learn for America’s mistakes and take a responsible approach to foreign policy that includes helping others.

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China improved really a lot sine he found. The military parade show the power which is a basic needs for security and the backup for his independent decision of development way. China people know deeply the savage hurt from Imperialist invasion and they know clearly what does the peace mean.

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China could learn many things from the mistakes the U.S. has made. Committing to a transportation, industrial and cultural system that depends on fossil fuels is not the way to go in the long run. Rapid growth depends on it now, but one hopes for the sake of the global environment and ultimately, world peace that China will invent a better way.

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It is a military tranparency exercise. No need for foreigner to guess. It is also a patriotism exercise. To make the Chinese nationals aware of their military might and gain confidence that they do not have to “win” at every international conflicts to protect the nation.

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