Graphic: Samoan Islands tsunami

September 30, 2009


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Has anyone heard from my brother, Ned Brown? He is an American visiting Western Samoa. I believe he was on the island of Savai’i when the earthquake hit as we heard from him immediately afterwards. He said he was going to check on some friends on the shore. I believe this was before the tsunami hit. Since the earthquake, I haven’t heard back. He was with his girlfriend Pepe. Please blog if you know of his whereabouts.

Posted by Phyllis Biederman | Report as abusive

Last night I dreamed about being caught in a tsunami. It was so scarey! In my dreams I sensed this tsunami happening. We are all connected.

What happens to one person – anywhere, is happening to you/me/us. They are our brothers, sisters, children and parents. How can we best help the people affected by this tsunami?

Posted by cynthia | Report as abusive

Would really like to find out any and all news from Savai’i. We are in the State of Washington and are very worried about lots of families in Savai’i. We heard and seeing the devastation in Amwerican Samoa, Upolu and nothing about Savai’i.

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Phyllis, have you heard from Ned after your post? Jim K. and I are also hoping to hear that he & Pepe are OK. Thanks.

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Wilke, Ned and Pepe are both fine. They have gone back to help out at Coconuts which didn’t fare so well.

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