Graphic: Rio de Janeiro’s winning bid

October 2, 2009

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Hmmm. let’s see 2016, that works for me. Twenty years ago I tried to go to Rio for Carnival only to cancel the trip do to the rampant daylight muggings on Impanema Beach, hotel room thefts and in general total lack of anything similar to law enforcement in Rio. I assume that the leaders in Brazil will something to make sure Olympic visitors don’t get mugged so it will finally be a good time to visit Rio.

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I assume 20 years ago NYC, down town Los Angeles or Chicago were not much better either. Rio is a big city and just like any other city if you know where to go , what time, what to do etc. life will be good. Common sense will take you far. Born and raised in Rio, now 40 years old I never experienced anything. Not the case when I was on vacation in the U.S., people breaking into the car just to find nothing. In Europe, is a daily thing to have your pocket emptied.

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People from Brazil, and those who love it, will always try to minimize the horrific situation in Rio. But the testimonies are true, I’ve been there. We were staying at the expensive Marriott right on Copacabana Beach (adjacent to Ipanema), and my friend was robbed of his camera right there in front of the hotel at 5 p.m. One guy wrapped a jacket over his head while another took a knife and slit the camera strap off his arm, which my friend had wrapped round and round his arm to avoid theft.

Then, in broad daylight, I was accosted by a band of kids right on the beach. I managed to get my whistle out of my pocket and I blew it and pretended to wave to someone in the distance, as if I were an undercover cop. They got scared and ran away. I would have been helpless without that whistle.

I visited a club just 2 blocks from my hotel, and when I left, the doorman warned me not to walk, but take a taxi… for just two blocks in the expensive, well-kept part of Rio.

Read countless similar horror stories (and worse) all over the web. Brazil and similar countries do not deserve our tourism until they clean up their act.

Sure they’ll clean it up for the Olympics, but I will advise everyone not to go there unless and until it is proven over a period of time that they’ve finally decided to crack down on crime in a meaningful and lasting way.

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