Graphic: Waziristan offensive

October 19, 2009


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Most Pakistani against Taliban & with Pak Army.

Posted by Pak Spectator | Report as abusive

Us should quit from Pakistan. We Pakistanis hate US.
Talibans are nothing but a US created Issue to destabilise pakistan and get a stronghold in the region.

US personnels should leave pakistan at once. We dont need any help from US. We Pakistanis do not consider US a friend.

US allied with India is promoting terrorism in the whole world. We being muslims and being peaceful citizens of Pakistan condemn US/NATO interventions in the region.

But if US wants war then be it. We will bury all US personnels here in PK & AFG soils.

Posted by Pak National | Report as abusive

For today’s Pakistan’s internal horible situation, The Pakistan is to be blamed itself. It’s previous Leadership both Political and Milatary were to be blamed. From Z.A.Butto onwards they had given milatary training to Taliban and aided them financially,under the guidance of USA, to arrest the Expansion of Soviet Russia. USA on it’s part to achieve it’s goal , instigated muslim fundamentalism through Pakistan’s regime. And all the leaders of Pakistan past and present are simply played into the hands of USA. They did not envisage the repercussions of that kind of encouragement of Taliban. Never feed the snake with milk for the sake of taming. It can not be , as it is mindless creature. Now who is the real sufferer in Pakistan, every citizen of Pakistan. Internal instability, anarchism, lawlessness, and fundamentalism are the chronic diseases with which it is suffereing. I can very well say, A Indian muslim is really the happiest person as he has opted to stay in India and became an Indian ( in Hindi A Bharat citizen). Unless Pakistan changes it’s policies and starts working in a constructive way, it’s very existence is at stake.

Posted by M.P.RAMA RAO | Report as abusive

The only solution to the present problem in PAK is accept and create separate nations for the tribals and baloch, may be 5 to 6 entities. That will isolate pak from the responsibility of terrorism and give the Punjab chance to dominate rest of pakistan.

Posted by Pravin | Report as abusive

The Taliban have no were left to hide.The world has had enoughf of the cowards who teach hate and preach lies.
The terrorist will never win.They will be born to die.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Pak National,

If you do not want other countries involved in Pakistani affairs, then stop going around with a begging cup asking the world for money.

Even dogs don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

Posted by Salas | Report as abusive