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December 4, 2009


Reuters is a news power house – our 2,800 journalists in 190 different bureaus around the world are dedicated to being the indispensable news source. News has been in our blood for more than a century and a half, but we’ve always been restlessly innovating and always looking to the future.

For Reuters.com, the future is now.

This is our redesign, a year in the making. That’s a year of extensive discussions with people like you, our elite audience of business professionals, about what would make the site better and faster and easier to use for you as you drive business activity around the world.

We want this to be the world’s best website covering business and finance news, analysis, and opinion. Full stop.

We want you to be able to come for a quick glance at the top headlines, or a longer deep dive into a topic that’s important to you. We want you to scan the output of the 2,800 men and women or hone in on a favorite writer or photographer.

This site is for you; we want it to be your ticket to a wealth of news, information, and analysis presented in a cutting-edge format, including text, video, pictures, graphics, user interaction, and personalization features (try the new toolbar at the bottom of every page).

Remember, too, that this is the front door of Thomson Reuters. In addition to the news you see here, Thomson Reuters is also the world’s leader in providing news, information, services, and technology to healthcare, legal, business, and financial professionals. What that means is that our journalism is professional grade, giving our users the inside edge needed to make important decisions.

We’re proud of our new home, and hope you like it. And this is just the beginning. In the coming months, we will continue to roll out new features and functionality.

Please give us your feedback. Write to csmedia@thomsonreuters.com. And come back often. There’s a world of news we’ve got for you.

David Schlesinger
Editor-in-chief, Reuters


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Goodmorning! All my mornings start with Reuters. As a spontainious reflection, I feel that the old site was much more synoptic when “scanning” the headlines (my field of interest is very broad). Hopefully it’s a matter of “getting used to”…..
Best regards

Posted by osterlof | Report as abusive

why do web sites change their layout without asking users – previous layout could be seen in a glance – now have to waste time scrolling all over the place !!!!!!

Posted by albertstahl | Report as abusive

Please. The new version of Reuters is not better. It really is not! I am not adverse to change, but not just change for the sake of change. This new version is not an improvement. Also, once I click on a story, why would I not want to view it one one page? I can understand a front page with many headlines and stories, but once I start to read an article, of course, I want it one page. Simplify your pages. Thanks. Bill

Posted by MrBill | Report as abusive

Great redesign, I love it :-)

Posted by lucaconti | Report as abusive

WOW, radical redesign, this will take a fair bit of getting used to!

My first impression is not good. This reminds me a little of the FT.com redesign which has pretty much led to me never using it anymore.

My reasons:

1) I dislike the trend of moving towards more spaced out sections and bigger fonts on websites. It means less information on first glance. I reckon this probably is something you were actually aiming for. But I fail to see the logic, since a website is (a) not a Powerpoint presentation – where obviously less is more since it is something designed to be talked over, nor a (b) business report – where the aim is to focus the reader on specific conclusions. I go to websites to discover things not be told what is important, hence I like to see a bit more, I don’t mean clutter, just more threads.

2) In tandem with point 1) I also hate having to scroll far down to see the full contents of a front page of a website. It basically discounts anything at the bottom not on immediate view. It’s like having a newspaper with a fold out section at the bottom of the front page, that nobody would ever look at.

3)I hate the now ubiquitous horizontal menus at the top of the page. They are completely counter intuitive. The brain is conditioned from an early age to write lists vertically, never horizontally. And only having 3 sections, you then have to drop down to see submenus, instead of the many old options along the side of the page kind of makes things seem less accessible or hidden.

I think it’s telling that the busiest news website BBC.co.uk/news still uses the vertical menu, is focused mainly on the first click view and provides plenty of interesting threads to pick up at first glance.

All in all, I think the design features employed are better suited to a marketing website, where clean, uncluttered views and emphasis on a few key values are what matter. Not for an information portal, the “deep dive” you talk about seems a lot harder now at expense of the quick glance.

Vincent King

Posted by vk9141 | Report as abusive

Great new site. What technology did you choose? Is it Drupal?

Rep of Ireland

Posted by Bren | Report as abusive

first – to give you a simply reply to your question as to how I feel about your new homepage is a bit rich and frankly I just ade stuff up so I could answer your question.

second – the layout indicates to me that most of your readers you have accessed to be visual, in fact not readers, as there is a whole bunch of pictures and less articles. It is too too busy.

third – it is more difficult to navigate and find the areas I want to study, your previous homepage was excellent. My wife has similar responses to what I am writing you for what it is worth.

fourth – change for the sake of change is not good unless you think having a new wife every year is good. For me quantity and quality are two different things.

fifth – I have been a multi-daily reader of your website for several years but i must say I am seriously re-considering. I do believe in change if its an improvement but I can not see how in anyway this is an improvement. That’s it for what its worth.

Posted by australia12 | Report as abusive

FWIW, I don’t like the new look. It’s too disorganized. The old look had the categories on the side which made finding news of particular interest easy to see. You need that categorized navigation bar back.

Posted by apchar | Report as abusive

The new site looks great. I expect that the digest alerts on my iPhone will be easier to read and access with the bolder typefaces. Thank you!

Posted by slcheney | Report as abusive

Hi .. Can I ask why the banner of the new web site is RED and not the normal Orange color associated with the ThomsonReuters brand. It just looks a bit odd since every other TR logo that I have seen is the orange color.

David E Smtih
Mark Square London

Posted by DavidSmith | Report as abusive

The new design of the web site is disappointing to me. It looks like CNN or Fox. I can only assume that the level of reporting and information I find on Reuters will deteriorate just as your ability to display it on the web has. I am sorry to see you abandon your simple and straightforward presentation.

Posted by cranston | Report as abusive

Hello David,

Congrats to you and your team. Very nice redesign and intuitive navigation. Made it my new homepage. One quick suggestion on that…ask you design crew to include a very visible “make this my homepage” option to automate that process (see yahoo.com). You’ll have many converts for sure.



Posted by samson05 | Report as abusive

Hi David,

Congratulations for the new look of Reuters News. It looks very very impressive and the contents are arranged in a very user friendly manner. Hope we get to see new ways of presenting news in the near term and more blogs from you.


Posted by Indrani | Report as abusive

Why your default home page is edition U.S

Posted by lemontomato | Report as abusive

It’s about time. I was frustrated with your site before and was actively searching out a new home page. I like the new layout, more current stories, and the grouping of several stories on one link. Very nice.

Posted by Earlthepearl | Report as abusive

Nice new design. Can’t wait for more features (screeners,…). ;)

Also, Felix Salmon’s blog is not slowing firefox anymore. ;)

Posted by jjty | Report as abusive


Posted by drdang12 | Report as abusive

The revamped Reuters.com is truly a vast improvement and now really does look by far the best of the dozen or so news sites that I often access. Congratulations.

Next task: Improve the overall quality of writing. Quite a lot is outstanding, but there is still too much pedestrian stuff and every now and again an easily avoidable error creeps in. A glance back to the rigours of Reuters in circa the 1980s might help!
Vergil Berger, Reuters 1958-92

Posted by Vb888 | Report as abusive

Some lines above have missing letters at the end.

The help associated with hovering over a ? shuts off too fast, I suggest you keep it on until the cursor moves.

Posted by Detroit300 | Report as abusive

Looks good, but you do not need so much space between the lines.

Posted by duvekot | Report as abusive

You MUST include the price of OIL on your front page!

Posted by ctrebla | Report as abusive

Really dislike your new format. I’ve used your site for a long time and its best old feature is that you could see all of the news in a compact, non-bloated format. While people need “white space”, there is entirely too much in this new format. If someone is 80 maybe double spacing is needed, but it quadruples the time needed to read any story and is extremely distracting. I find I am constantly using the up/down arrow or having to manage the page just to get a few paragraphs of basic info. This is extremely annoying. This is really nasty if you are using a small screen. Also the terse, lovely summaries are impossible to find/see. We all loved the ways stories were delineated into the various topic areas. This is lost and content is lost to your reader. All in all….you have lost the best parts of your site. Your information content has always been the best….but you are making us work so hard to get it that I seriously doubt that I will continue to use you as a primary. I’ll go where getting content isn’t so much annoying work.

Posted by corelbelle | Report as abusive

The new format is unusable to me. Pleas bring back the old format.

Posted by Boabra | Report as abusive

Site looks great. Congrats!

Posted by ThisCanadian | Report as abusive

I like the old site better.

Posted by tchung262 | Report as abusive

I don’t think the design has improved my “Reuters” experience. It’s actually less practical that it was. I miss lists of articles grouped by subject. “Science & technology”, “Environmental” etc. Those disappeared.
Can I go back to old Reuters.com please?

Posted by aritau | Report as abusive

I don’t care for your new design. I have no idea where anything is because all the categories are gone from the page.
There’s way too much white space in the story titles on the left. My eyes get lost in all the text with no way to break them up.

Posted by VagabondCat | Report as abusive

This is perhaps the dreariest new website I’ve seen. It looks as if it was designed by somebody who is incredibly dull.

Posted by smartwords | Report as abusive

I can’t find any health news or topics to follow other than technology, deals and something else.

Posted by TracyIndiana | Report as abusive

Really enjoying the redesign so far! I appreciate that you are separating opinion from news in a world that so often mistakes one for the other. In addition, the dashboards are great, and I’m looking forward to digging in.

Only issue I’ve noticed so far is that the blogs seem to cut off words that should wrap on occasion – could be my screen resolution but I will send it to the CSMedia team.

Also – moderated comments? Just need to be careful with that. I appreciate minimizing the noise but if folks feel like they’re being censored you may run into a backlash. That said – comments will generally be much more useful when they do get posted.

Posted by sailfast | Report as abusive

I’m kind of underwhelmed and overwhelmed by the new design at the same time. I don’t like the oversized drop down menu at the header. Why is it so frack’n huge? Categories are difficult to sort through and the stories are very easy to get buried except for the featured articles. It’s a little cleaner and sort of prettier but certainly not more functional. Total FAIL! IMO. I have a feeling this site was redesigned either for a baby-boomer or by a baby-boomer with bad vision poor spatial organization and weak reading comprehension. Oh well my favorite news site has evolved, hopefully I get used to it but I doubt it.

Posted by Preditor | Report as abusive

New landing page looks fantastic sans all the quick info. I used to get in a 360 degree view.

Neverthless I enjoy Reuters data very much.

Good Luck to all out there in setting this up.


Posted by rangakri | Report as abusive

Everything is too spread out. I like to see a lot at first glance, then choose what to read.

Posted by cwjames | Report as abusive

WHY? I was happy the day I discovered Reuters online. Further, I used it twice a day and it was the first place I’d go when I logged on. Now it looks like any other newspaper online and their are millions to choose from since most use reuters feeds. So, why bother.

What I liked most about Reuters is a little bit of everything on the main page. This site is BORING. Yuck! Too bad someone took a winning solution and ruined it.

I’ll check back everyday for the next week. If this site is not changed, I’m removing it from my bookmarks and using Yahoo or Google news because they “Get It”.

Yahoo even has software which delivers my own local news on the same page.

Posted by badchange | Report as abusive

Is this the website equivalent of urban sprawl? I really enjoyed the compactness of the old design. Now I have to scroll all over to find articles of interest. This is a giant step backwards for me and will probably result in my using other news providers.

Posted by bmf_88 | Report as abusive

What a shock!
Out on no where,without warning.We are offered this new and improved? Rueters.I just shake my head with dismay.This is NOT a good site to navigate.Its so very bland.Choose a country to read their news and you have to back page through how ever many pages you look at just to get to the main page.Not sure what the person who approved this change thought.Personally? I think it was a waste of time/investment.Sad to say.I’ll miss my daily reads on Rueters and stick with B.B.C.
Good luck Rueters

Posted by ramblin_on | Report as abusive

People on the web tend to read fast and scan. Clicking on items of interest. On your main page you’d be better off having 100 headlines from everything from stocks, business, technology, etc., and very few pics, if you want to attract a wide variety of followers.
Looks like a Blog w/ some RSS feeds.

Posted by badchange | Report as abusive

Too busy.
The old site with the frames for each section was a good way to view topics of interest at a glance.
Redesigns are ok, but this one is a back step

Posted by Can_Loup | Report as abusive

Pros: Love that the entire content of an article is now displayed on one page vs. having to select “view entire article on one page.”

Cons: The absence of sub-content under the headlines is frustrating as headlines are often misleading. I’d prefer to see a few sentences of content under each headline. Also, the main page still auto-refreshes, which is a pain when you’re in the middle of reading it. Can you create a way for the user to turn off this feature?!?!?! Please!

Summary: You folks still have a lot more work to do to make this reader-efficient.

Posted by ForexEconGeek | Report as abusive

I have to agree with the majority of the comments here — the redesign is a failure. I have used Reuters.com as my homepage since the site was created. The key to its success and usefulness was the ability to scan, ON ONE PAGE, all of the articles/topics of interest. This “ease of use” was due to it’s simple, linear design — a user was able to quickly review all of the headlines and choose which ones he/she was interested in. This put the reader in control. Your new design takes that control away from the reader and gives it to Reuters. By limiting what is on your homepage, you have put yourself into the uncomfortable position of trying to create a “headline” page that pleases everybody — a formula guaranteed to please nobody. You can keep some of the graphic elements of your redesign, but you should immediately go back to the content that was available on your old home page. Without it, Reuters.com is now just like every other news site out there, which will inevitably lead to fewer site visits and fewer Reuters.com fans.

Posted by BenX2120 | Report as abusive

I do not care for your new Web site at all. I cannot find anything I (used to) come to Reuters seeking. I highly suggest either A.) bringing back the old format or B.) employing an honest user experience design team that is focused on usability and not on promising you the moon.

I am sure you were told the Web site will work for years in “the future state of media.” I am sorry to say, Reuters, but you have been sold a bill of goods.

Posted by brandt | Report as abusive

Love the redesign – it was an extremely pleasant surprise this morning. Thanks so much for the hard word!

Posted by mtrichardson | Report as abusive

I made a comment about this article this morning and it’s not here. I made another comment about a Reuters blog yesterday, and it’s not there either. What’s going on?

Posted by TheOracle | Report as abusive

I can’t keep this site as my homepage. I do not have the time to waste clicking and surfing around. Give me my news on one page. Let ME choose what is important to me. The disorganized laundry list of articles on the left side of your current home page is, frankly, a joke. What use is it? It has no organization. There’s no way to scan it. It’s obvious that a graphic designer, and NOT a news reporter, redesigned your site. You’ve done better in the past, so we know you can do better in the future. Just make sure that future is very soon — like next week.

Posted by TheOracle | Report as abusive

Censoring feed back suggests you fear the truth.I’m disappointed with the censoring as well as this new lay out.

Posted by ramblin_on | Report as abusive

I feel the site is a great improvement over the previous site. The open layout give it a look and feel and superior to all other sites in readability. The reuters editors are the best and most un-biased in the world and guiding the home page to most the relevant news of the day saves time. The topic and relevancy improvement I feel will lead me to more timely information acquisition. Please keep up the good work TR. This will remain my home page.

Posted by freedomadvocate | Report as abusive

Just a week ago I wrote to CNN.com saying “Good bye” because they changed their format to mostly fluff. Now the venerable Reuters has done the very same thing. I’m sorry, but it is a major step backward: Totally random terse – almost meaningless – headlines, for starters.

I guess this is Reuters’ way of saying “No more free online journalism from us”.

So be it. I’ll just go back to reading my WSJ over breakfast.

Posted by FATLAT | Report as abusive

Where do we find interest rates—Govts, munis, corps?

Posted by aaaaa | Report as abusive

As an old newspaperman I can see what you want to do. The new web front page looks more newspaperish. The problem is that you’ve decreased the utility that many of us liked in the old page.

Where’s gold and silver prices? Where’s my at-a-glance market index charts? Sure, the old page was busy but you could get a lot of information quickly just by scanning the page. Now, I have to hunt for what I want to see.

I may have to find another site for my home page if the financial information and charts are not up front and on top.

Posted by advaitin | Report as abusive

the new layout look wise is good functionally its horrible. i have been reading Reuters for years for one and only main reasons over the other news sites, due to its simplicity and easy to find things.it was very functional. not too flashy with pics and ads where i loose myself find it.Everything was in a page i could read the headlines and go into details if i wanted too. but now if i want to read the odd enough section i have to scroll through everything even tough i not interested in the topic.looks like i ll be going back to reading on my cell phone to avoid all the clutter or google news.

Posted by Vlad-3 | Report as abusive