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December 4, 2009


Reuters is a news power house – our 2,800 journalists in 190 different bureaus around the world are dedicated to being the indispensable news source. News has been in our blood for more than a century and a half, but we’ve always been restlessly innovating and always looking to the future.

For Reuters.com, the future is now.

This is our redesign, a year in the making. That’s a year of extensive discussions with people like you, our elite audience of business professionals, about what would make the site better and faster and easier to use for you as you drive business activity around the world.

We want this to be the world’s best website covering business and finance news, analysis, and opinion. Full stop.

We want you to be able to come for a quick glance at the top headlines, or a longer deep dive into a topic that’s important to you. We want you to scan the output of the 2,800 men and women or hone in on a favorite writer or photographer.

This site is for you; we want it to be your ticket to a wealth of news, information, and analysis presented in a cutting-edge format, including text, video, pictures, graphics, user interaction, and personalization features (try the new toolbar at the bottom of every page).

Remember, too, that this is the front door of Thomson Reuters. In addition to the news you see here, Thomson Reuters is also the world’s leader in providing news, information, services, and technology to healthcare, legal, business, and financial professionals. What that means is that our journalism is professional grade, giving our users the inside edge needed to make important decisions.

We’re proud of our new home, and hope you like it. And this is just the beginning. In the coming months, we will continue to roll out new features and functionality.

Please give us your feedback. Write to csmedia@thomsonreuters.com. And come back often. There’s a world of news we’ve got for you.

David Schlesinger
Editor-in-chief, Reuters


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I am an Internet and Usability Enthusiast from Bangalore, India.

Saw your new site.

In general its look good and conforms the new generation design.

Here are the drawbacks.
1. First of all the top navigation on a mouse over
pop is very frustrating. I am afraid to move the mouse
over, because I don’t know when the popup appears
and when it will disappear.

My suggestion is, instead of a mouse over, you
can invoke the navigation popup on a mouse click.
User can close the popup only on clicking on an X
button on the top right corner of the popup.

2. Only very less info (top news story) is showed above the fold. This is very disappointing. Large photograph took the key space. Users need to scroll down to view
the rest of the news.
My suggestion is to place most of the news stories link
on the right side. Squeeze in as much news links above
the fold.
3. The market news on a small column on the right side
does not look good.
My suggestion is to squeeze in the market news
as a horizontal row which includes the graph and tabs.

These are some of my initial findings.

Posted by noothan | Report as abusive

I think that this version of Reuters is terrible. One line listings of news items is a turn off. See the NY Times home page for a much more inviting format.

G. Seltzer

Posted by g11427 | Report as abusive

Ok 2nd day here on the new site. Was Reuters recently purchased by some conglomerate? The tone of the articles has changed some; If not that, then the navigation within the new sight is scary or perhaps scary simplistic. I can’t find an article that doesn’t sound like “end of the World” propaganda. What’s going on Reuters? I liked your news… :(

Posted by Preditor | Report as abusive

No, Mr. Schlesinger,

This site is not better, faster, and easier to handle. On the contrary. It is a turn-off. With 103 comments so far, it speaks volumes that 62 are negative, 19 positive and the rest kind of undecided.

You want to make this the world`s best website covering business and financial news, analysis and opinion. You have a very long way to go and you have stepped in the wrong direction. You are proud of your new home, you say. The pride is misplaced. You should feel embarrassed. Deeply!

Posted by yabroad | Report as abusive

I see where you and your team is trying to go with this new style and it’s important to give the site a new face lift. I’ve used Reuters as my default page for at least 6 years now, prior to that I used the New York Times as my default page and I now remember why I made Reuters my home page. I liked the functionality and quick way you could get to the many of the headlines. I also liked the way there were several brief headlines on the home page of whatever section you were interested in and the option of continuing.

I do like the design simplicity but some of those large images makes it sort of look like the Huffington Post’s awful home site, which is daunting to get around in sometimes. I love the market curtain effect! Market data can sometimes be too much to take in when it’s just all over a page. But going back to my opinion on the images; they just seem to take up too much space, that and the advertising on the very top of the front page has to go.

Altogether here my 2 final opinions:

1.)Smaller images, more quick glance stories with the ability to continue (maybe something similar to wath what NPR’s website is doing),

2.)Place the ads somewhere else. This is Reuters not some Angelfire website with ads everywhere. Reuters is for news, at least I hope it continues to be.

Other than that, I love the website, the colors are simple and so is the layout. You just need to re-emphasize on what Reuters is all about. NEWS.

Posted by CarlinoGroup | Report as abusive

New site is not as good as old one!
Even typeface choice poor!

Posted by cinelli123 | Report as abusive

I have to agree with most people commenting here, I don’t like the new site. There is less info on first glance. I used to be able to find what I wanted in one or two clicks, not I have trouble finding it at all. I liked the old site much better. If you want to change, then change to what the NY Times has (I don’t care for their content, but their website is easy to use). Reuters is number one in content, but this new website is not good at all.

Posted by terets | Report as abusive

I do not like the “improvement.” Another example of style over content and fixing something that “ain’t (or wasn’t) broke.” Your excellent content is drowning in a sea of distracting images.

Now it is difficult to sift through the headlines and soft spots. Reuters.com BEFORE was much easier to navigate and looked much more professional.

I hope this is just a misguided experiment and you will revert to the previous distinctive and more readable format.

Change simply for the sake of change is always unwise. You have not “chosen wisely.”

Posted by Murgatroyd | Report as abusive

Absolutely wonderful looking site! Great job – sure there are some minor functionality problems, but that is to be expected with a brand new site – most complaints are probably more a function of a resistance to change (a human norm), that to a truly objective view of the new site.

Posted by Ziad | Report as abusive

I want the old page back!

I particularly liked the fact that the articles used to have links to the next article at the bottom. I could flip through several articles very easily. Now I have to return to the section page, and click on the next article – back and forward, back and forward. I find that extremely frustrating.

I also liked the section links at the side. It was easy to move between sections, and find what I was looking for. Your new system is far less useful.

Posted by faolainnstorm | Report as abusive

The reason I have used Reuters for years as my homepage is the simplicity for basic information on the front page, with the possibility to dig deeper if I wanted. The new look reminds me of the other news pages I tried to get away from. Reuters’ homepage stood out – no longer so. I actually just signed up a reuters user account so I could leave this comment, in hopes it may help towards a change (back), along with all the other comments already posted.

Posted by WalkWith | Report as abusive

this is terrible. please go back to the reuters that i fell in love with. i cant even find the health section. im very upset with this change.

Posted by generic | Report as abusive

also, like others have stated, im going to have to find another source for my news. good job on driving me away from my favorite news source.

Posted by generic | Report as abusive

I have had Reuters as my homepage for a few years now. The old site was terrific. The new one, not so much. I don’t understand how anyone can think this version is an improvement. Afraid I’ll be looking for another central news source.

Posted by bostonmike | Report as abusive


Too bad. I’ll be getting my financial news elsewhere from now on…lots of better sources to choose from.

Shlesinger, you’re a moron. Your arrogant and condescending dismissal of the majority of commenters here (now-former readers) is just what I’d expect from an Empty Suit.

Predicton: 18 months from now, Reuters will either be history…or trading in bankruptcy as a penny stock.

Posted by TravelPro | Report as abusive

The new site isn’t that bad but I agree that it needs some adjustments to become more functional. Focus on making the home page look more like a news site and less like an RSS reader and a lot of people will be grateful. It’s normal for users to pushback major layout changes, Reuters’ role is to listen and fix what doesn’t work incrementally while keeping the new good ideas of this design.

Posted by sylvain | Report as abusive

While I love change, this one is a dud. Went from a very useful format to something more like CNN, glitz and no punch. Too bad too, because you had something good and decided to reinvent the wheel.

Posted by onchor | Report as abusive

i have used reuters for my homepage for 6 years….i am changing it in the next few days because your new site is a pain in the butt to use…

Posted by captainpoultry | Report as abusive

I think the new look is an improvement. And at first I found it hard to navigate, but I think it was really because it was new to me. But after a couple of days, the navigation is easy and offers some great new features. I still think your content is great, so although there seem to be more comments that have a problem with the chances, I hope you keep most of the changes and just have to adjust a couple of things to make the masses happy.

Posted by HandBanana | Report as abusive

I’m not too happy with the site.

With the old site there were layers of news – the major story, then the important news by category together with the lesser headlines.

All of this was on one screen and a bit of scrolling.

Now I see the one major story, an in depth article and everything else combined together – it is very difficult to pick out the major stories. The stories by category are far down the screen and not so well listed.

“What’s going on?” Your website should help answer this question. If someone asks you that question, do you just blurt out a list of headlines or do you organize your response and talk about the major stories in some structured, coherent way?

Posted by Loon5 | Report as abusive

The redesign doesn’t bother me so much as the possibility that you will now begin covering celebrities and non-news. I love Reuters because it is the only websource of real business, science, and world news I could trust. I read other sites each day, and am used to obnoxious or frivolous webdesign, and this is but another in that jarring category. Just don’t lose the Reuters integrity, and I will learn to live with the redesign.

Posted by sunnieskye | Report as abusive

I’ve been a Reuters addict for years. Now the site is so ugly, the font either in blue (why??) or ridiculously tiny, that I’ve changed my homepage to the Times. Also, you now “can’t find” the username and password I’ve used all along.

All that white space, with huge photos mimicking CNN.com, I suppose to attract the ADD or the gossip-hungry, is a huge turn off.


Posted by UglyReuters | Report as abusive

Your new web page is a step backwards,why the chang? When what you had worked well.

Posted by SteveWC | Report as abusive

I don’t like the new site, at all! The old site gave me a quick summary of the latest headlines and other information and I was able to quickly follow-up on points of interest. The new site has things spread all over the place and it’s more difficult to use. I’m sorry to see that such a great site has been ruined in the name of change. I’ll be moving on to another site for my home page and news.

Posted by richm | Report as abusive

As a fond user of this information service, I am disappointed with the new change. While one should never adverse to potential improvements, this new style seems to be an example of change for change’s sake. The information is difficult to navigate, and classifications have more sub-levels than is needed.

There is an old motto that is appropriate here – ‘form should always follow function’. Your new design is an example of getting it the wrong way around.

Looking forward to a return to the previous design, or an improvement of the present one.

Congratulations on the excellent quality of the content!

Posted by GrandPoebah | Report as abusive

Is this a SURGE?
Come back home,the old sweet home

Posted by SteveP | Report as abusive

I am in favor of change that improves. I am not in favor of change for change’s sake. While the former was your intent, I think you fell well short. The new design makes it more difficult to find articles to read, seems almost disorganized to the point of distraction and is quite disappointing. Reuters was always a prime source of information for me, but will now have to look elsewhere for a useful web site.

Posted by Grinch | Report as abusive

For five years, I looked at Reuters for hours every day for quality news. While the news quality hasn’t changed (which is a good thing), the way I access the news is a process. I have to scroll through unrelated articles on the main page. To find the topic I want, I have to hover and click. Everything is not easily accessible like it was on the left side. If I scroll to the bottom, I have to go all the way back up to the top to choose another topic. The media is all the way at the bottom, promising more scrolling. I like when all the articles were listed neatly in rows, instead of the summary. The title tells me everything and the little summary means more scrolling. When I look at the front page, everything is all spread out in an unorganized and hard-to-read manner. Please go back to the old format, or just give us an option to look at the old site. Thank you.

Posted by MBennett624 | Report as abusive

Schlesinger blew it. Reuters looks like CNN now like they used the same web design consultants. Now its a resource hog & takes too much time to access important information. Reuters is not likely to do a U-turn, hoping to attract new readers & more ad revenue. So when competition eats your lunch, maybe then you’ll do some soul searching & reverse course.

Posted by MomsHugs | Report as abusive

I too must agree with everyone else. The new page is neither user friendly nor aesthetically pleasing. It really is a shame considering you were probably the leading contenders of online news. I’m sure in this weekend alone you lost several readers.

Posted by jillfoto | Report as abusive

I love Reuters news and brag to others about the information I find there. I hate to say it, but I like your old format much better. This new one does not seem to have a focus and I find it confusing. Please go back to the old way, not sure I will every like this one any better….G

Posted by misgloria | Report as abusive

i have been to this site three times today. not to read the news like i should be but to see how many people have a distaste for the new layout. seems like so far the masses arent liking it one bit. i know you spent a year on this and it would be a bitter pill to swallow to go back to the old way but i think you owe your loyal readers at least the option to view the old format. dont force us to find other news sources, you are risking too much with this. please consider it.

Posted by generic | Report as abusive

Long-time Reuters reader. I must join other commenters here and express my strong dislike for this new layout. I understand that Reuters likely feels the need to compete in a glitzier, more sensational marketplace. However, this change intimates to me that Reuters has finally succumbed to the lowest common denominator. Reuters has lost my patronage with this new development.

Posted by Eximious | Report as abusive

Your new site is a disaster.

Previously, it was easy to scan the headlines in all categories of news and browse among stories. And when I traveled (especially internationally), Reuters was usually my main source for news on the go.

But plainly you are now trying to convert yourselves into a business news site, making it harder to find non-business news stories. (For example, I’ve been touting your health news coverage for years now, to pretty much anyone who would listen, but now I wonder how much longer you will even continue to offer it, buried as it is in the new site.)

Unless you improve your format rather dramatically, I do not expect that I will be reading Reuters as frequently any more.

Posted by itzajob | Report as abusive

P.S. You could probably make everyone happy if you just provided a page somewhere that worked more or less like the old page, showing the top headlines for various areas of news.

Posted by itzajob | Report as abusive

Your new website is awful.
When scrolling it is jerky and difficult to
read. More difficult to find what you are looking
for due to its setup.

No improvement–Bring back the old site.

I’ve already switched to a different home page.


Posted by ddjtam | Report as abusive

I hate the new website, too.
- When I click on a link, I don’t want to save it, I want to go to it.
- I can’t adjust the size of the type.
- On the Contact Reuters page, it requires a topic entry, yet there’s no box for it. Clicking on the blue i circle brings up a search box, not a selection box.

One thing I liked about Reuters was the lack of clutter. Kiss that idea goodbye, and me with it.

Posted by pxwfile | Report as abusive

With enthusiasm I have pointed colleagues to your site. The news, the variety, the ease of navigation have always been welcoming. No longer. Please reconsider your decision and return to a page design that can be explained as simply as it is simple to navigate.

Posted by glyph | Report as abusive

Nice new web design you have there. But the S&P beta is still > 1, it’s 1.38, when it’s suposed to be 1. Why is that?

Posted by Papi | Report as abusive

I was very accustomed to other web page and I find this one a tad difficult to navigate. I will soldier on and find my way but just out of curiosity, why did you change it? I thought your other web page was easy to navigate and user friendly.

Posted by libertadormg | Report as abusive

Stuffy, cold and cooperate. Did Rupert Murdock take over because the site now has an elitist waspy feel as if it is trying to turn off anyone not on wall street. The amount of information available is as usual wonderful. Some of the new graphics are great, yet the well rounded character of the old Reuters I found more appealing. Perhaps meet half way. I have pushed Reuters.com on what has to be over a hundred people over the years but I fear you are going to make me look bad now. After all they are teachers, electricians, students, lawyers, bartenders, not just wired up stockbrokers or penny pinching portfolio desk jockys. This was my default page for nearly a decade now. Boo.

Posted by Cyrus_Roy | Report as abusive

Mr. Schlesinger,

Where did you get the model for Reuter’s new website? Obama’s Health Care Bill? The old site was better and was easier to navigate. What is this thing about saving an article? Why would anyone want to? Even then you can access it to read it. I love your generation. You just change things to inflict the comfortable. Now I feel less informed and more preoccupied with trying to understand where you are taking me on the website.

Posted by Noodle | Report as abusive

Clearly a misfire. You’ve transformed what was once an intuitive, easy-to-navigate news portal into another failed Web 2.0 experiment. I expect that I will not be alone when I abandon this ship.

Posted by jabaquara | Report as abusive

I can’t find anything I liked in your old format, e.g. early comment about Asian markets.
I’ll be voting with my feet.

Posted by biominvestor | Report as abusive

Why does the uk.reuters.com site get to keep the old format? I look at it and remember how good things used to be. There was a latest news ticker and many headlines at a glance. Now you have GIANT pictures and there’s all this scrolling to do to see whether there’s anything of note to read. Definitely more work. And what’s with these big pictures? Are you implying that “us disliterated Americans” don’t read anymore and must be entertained? I think you’ve got the wrong target audience. Go back to doing what you did best (and still do on the UK website).

Posted by vadai | Report as abusive

causes your home page get refresh every 300 seconds (5 minutes)
try to watch the slide show by yourself.
I am sure you will enjoy it.

Posted by Vincent9 | Report as abusive

the meta tag http-equiv=”refresh” content=”300;url=/home”
causes your home page get refresh every 300 seconds (5 minutes)
try to watch the slide show by yourself.
I am sure you will enjoy it.

Posted by Vincent9 | Report as abusive

your slideshow is suck!
no way to set the speed
no way to stop

Posted by Vincent9 | Report as abusive

You’ve lost me.
I tried the new site for a couple of days but it just keeps annoying me.
Call me when you’ve fired the CEO’s 5 year old son as a designer.

Posted by Can_Loup | Report as abusive

Having trouble navigating around and finding what I need. I cant find treasury bond market quotes, anywhere.

I miss the Market Update display that automatically followed the world markets from the old site. The old site news was nicely sub-divided into sections such as Tech, Business, Sports, etc; right on the home page. Not sure how the new sites home page headlines are organized, if they even are.

Perhaps with more use, I may become more use to the new design. Not putting it down, just different.

Posted by dxr | Report as abusive