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February 19, 2010

The unluckiest lottery and a potty-mouthed musician were among the stories that got you, our readers, clicking this past week, and some were still on our most popular list as the weekend came into play. Here are the top 5 stories that piqued your curiosity — or raised the hair on your neck.

Bad news for record lottery “winner”

Poor Stanley Philander. He is deaf. His wife is deaf. He works as a cleaner in South Africa. No doubt his $12 million lottery win was going to come in very handy. Except it didn’t. He didn’t win. He is still poor. His relatives don’t believe him though because the newspaper reported he won. He didn’t. He and his family have been moved to a secret location for their protection. Poor Stanley Philander.

TV medical dramas show viewers the wrong response

HughLaurieScandalous! It seems the doctors and nurses in popular TV shows from “House” to “ER’ do the wrong thing nearly half the time. If you get your medical advice from the tube, you may want to ask for your kidney back. Readers  not only clicked on this story but left a plethora of comments as well. One observer keenly remarked that while TV is indeed “stupid”, why make it “more stupid than it has to be?”

Surgical tool left in Czech woman

A picture says a thousand words and the picture here says, “Oh, My God!” Doctors left a foot-long – yes, FOOT-LONG, surgical instrument in a woman’s abdomen. One foot. That’s a Subway sandwich. The head surgeon has resigned. Perhaps the disgraced surgeon can find a  position on “House”.

Debate over GM eggplant consumes India

When I first saw this headline, I wondered what on earth General Motors had to do with eggplant and India. Nothing it turns out. The story about a genetically modified version of eggplant, a staple in Indian curries and the unlikely protagonist in a raging debate there, fired up our best-read list.

John Mayer’s Playboy interview

It’s no secret that sex sells, even a hint of it. Toss in a famous guitar player and his equally famous ex-girlfriends and wrap it all together with Playboy and you have a headline that screams “click me!” That was the case with this video of blues musician John Mayer dishing to Playboy magazine about Jessica Simpson’s sexual prowess and Jennifer Aniston’s apparent desire to keep living in the ‘80s. Cad, anyone?

What stories were on your most popular list this past week?

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