An award-winning week for Reuters

March 5, 2010


This has been a very proud week for Thomson Reuters. Our journalists won  seven awards from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW), a record for our organization. And Thursday we held our internal “Journalist of the Year” celebration. From financial commentary to war photography to professional chat rooms, Reuters’ journalism has never been better, more innovative, or more valuable.

Reuters SABEW “Best in Business” winners:

Reuters “Journalist of the Year” Winners:

  • Story of the Year: Turmoil in Iran.
  • Scoop of the Year: Reuters tracks down Richard Fuld for the first time since Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.
  • Photo of the Year: A Break from War (shown above) by Carlos Barria
  • Commentary & Analysis Journalist of the Year: John Kemp for original insight on commodities and macro-economics.
  • Video Journalist of the Year: Royston Chan for impeccable video storytelling in China.
  • Multimedia Storytelling of the Year: Larry Downing for Those Left Behind: The Legacy of Arlington’s Section 60.
  • Reporter of the Year: Emma Graham-Harrison for her series of thought-provoking pieces from China, Tibet and Afghanistan.
  • Photojournalist of the Year: Toby Melville for his photographs documenting daily life in the United Kingdom.
  • Video Story of the Year: Afghanistan coverage for consistent delivery of outstanding news coverage in trying circumstances.
  • Editor’s Choice: Markets Buzz/the Dealing room team – Stuart Brown, Eric BurroughsDayan Candappa, Andrew Goldner and Phil Smith.

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You do know the only hero’s are the men you took pictures of.

Posted by bigmikeo | Report as abusive

I want to congratulate Reuters on another great year. Your in depth coverage of world and current events is bar none the best.You leave all other news organizations in the dust. That photo say’s it all. A picture that is worth a thousand words.

Please keep up the excellent coverage.

Posted by alvinjo | Report as abusive

Soldiers in war usually know why they are fighting.
I believe this war is much like Vietnam, in that the war is endless and the enemy too difficult to identify.

wanna bring the wear to an end quickly, then stop all buying of oil from the midle east.
Suddenly jew, muslum, persian, and christan will be working together.
The little people (soldiers) are disposable pawns for the big companies greed.

Posted by clearthinker | Report as abusive

Excellent! Looking forward to another year of award-winning coverage and comentary (even if we have some disagreements!!)

Posted by THeRmoNukE | Report as abusive

I want to congratulate the Iran team led by Parisa Hafezi for their in depth and accurate reports despite so many barriers set up by the Iranian government to make reporting next to impossible for all news agencies especially the foreign teams like Reuters.Reuters reports helped international broadcasts like Voice of America and BBC to stay on top of the events in Iran during the tumultuous summer of 2009 and subsequent months. Kudos to all of you.A job well done.

Posted by bijann | Report as abusive

Reuters is the one we turn to in times of trouble

Posted by robertbud50 | Report as abusive