Comments on: Projected effects of passage of proposed healthcare reform provisions Tue, 30 Sep 2014 09:42:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: A_Alex Thu, 01 Apr 2010 18:49:21 +0000 The health insurance lobbying group AHIP says the MIB, founded more than a century ago, operates the most extensive database of medical information on individuals who have previously applied for health, life, disability income, critical illness and long-term care insurance in North America. The Washington Post says that these medical reports, which are “like credit reports for your health records,” have been created for more than 200 million Americans. The Federal Trade Commission warns that your medical report files may include both medical and non-medical information about you. For instance, personal data collected by the MIB includes medical conditions, your credit report history, driving records, criminal activity, drug use, sexual orientation, lifestyle activities, international travel, participation in hazardous sports, and personal or family genetic history. Using information from these medical report files, insurance companies can charge you higher premiums or terminate your coverage altogether. ed-insurance-because-of-a-medical-coding -error-in-her-mib-report-video/

Remember, the new health care reform laws in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act don’t go in effect until 2014. All insurance applicants and policyholders should order an annual copy of their medical report files from the nationwide specialty nationwide consumer reporting agencies to ensure they aren’t overpaying for insurance or in danger of policy rejection or rescission for pre-existing conditions or errors. (For example, “Denied Insurance Because of a Medical Coding Error in Her MIB Report” from the Consumer Reports Health Blog)

By: jessica73 Mon, 22 Mar 2010 09:09:45 +0000 Wow dc2ndtest, what a biased, brainwashed idiot you are. I am not a Republican, and I also voted Democrat in 2008, and I can assure you that because of the Democrats pushing this bill on us and the way they passed it they have already lost my vote for November. I know I am not the only one by far.

This bill was pushed on us by unethical methods.
All the Democrats had to do was go back to the drawing board and start again on making an easy to understand bill that doesn’t infringe on our rights while reforming healthcare but they refused to do that. Many prominent Democrats like Howard Dean were urging them to do that and they refused. Obama couldn’t even get many members of his own party to vote for this without bribing and threatning them. Heck, Obama himself doesn’t even understand or know about everything in this bill. Neither do the Democrats who just voted for it.

Kiddo, it is way past time for you to get to bed for school in the morning.

By: dc2ndtest Sat, 20 Mar 2010 06:57:56 +0000 Hey Chazz, Let’s talk about “the government can’t be trusted to run anything fallacy of composition” you and your corporatist comrads have tried to foist off on a fast waking up citizenry. Notice that the latest WSJ/NBC orCBS poll puts a majority of Americans now supporting passing the recently reconciled health care bill.

How about Teddy Roosevelt’s action in insisting on Anti trust government powers to break up the Anaconda Oil monopolies and oligoplies who had and continue to bleed the country white.

How about FDR who hired Joe Kennedy to work with Attorney Pecora in fashioning the SEC outline and Glass Steagel legislation, Phil Gramm (R-TX) so brilliantly destroyed by tearing down depository firewalls before joining his real employer, UBS. Your buddy Banksters loved their republican deregulators. McCain even bragged he was ‘the Chief deregulator”.

How about the REA, WPA, Hoover Damn, Bonneville Dam which created jobs, public buildings and infrastructure still in use today and saved the free world to become the arsenal of democracy. How about HST’s Marshall Plan which saved the free world from totolitarianism.

How about the Albert Alonzo Stagg frootball field foundation for the atom bomb and the Manhatten Project?
How about JFK bringing the moonshot program in 2 years ahead of time and under budget? Sorry to embarrass you with the facts.

Government began to lose its best and brightest when Ronald Reagan adopted Goldwater’s philosophy that it is no vice to pursue virtue(his definition of virtue) and tarred even honest but unfortunate citizens with this brush. Virtue, to Reagan and your party’s psy war political liars and torturers like Rove, Cheney were determined to re-establish the corporacity of America as our masters and the american public is finally getting the real of the purpose and patently foundationless lyingt propoganda by your political party on this issue.The welfare queensw are the republican senate.

Thank God, BHO found his cajones, and is finally, realizing, that your tea party goon squads, birchers, birthers, McCarthyites and neoconfederate slavers, respect only one thing-strength and a commitmment to truth which are now turning the polls in the people’s favor. I only wish this could go to bayonets and rifle butts. Your corrupt patrons have turned this country into a Bastile of bigots and freedom without responsibility exploiters who truly deserve being introduced to Dr. Guillotines head separation invention.
You fought civil rights, women’s rights, programs for the retired and health care for your master’s totally selfish purposes. You probably, like your traitor associates, think you are a self made man. “True patriots know there is no such thing as a self made man-that every fortune was built upon safe roads, strong backs and bright minds developed by the community through taxes-and that taxes are not just the price we pay for a healthy nation but the gift we make to our own children. True American Patriotism means freedom WITH RESPONSIBILITY”. On your knees you whinig parasite taker, thank god for your good luck.

Chaz, keep serving up your party’s prevericating sophistries. It’s fun to put the knife of truth in you and your co-corruption knave’s hearts. Was that you torturing and throwing money at the Parkinson deseased person planted at your feet in Washington DC with the other tea partiers two days ago? What would Christ have done.

See you in November, sucker. We are taking this country forward and you will never get it back and defile it with your unbounded selfish and class warfare rantings

By: dc2ndtest Sat, 20 Mar 2010 06:02:08 +0000 Hey Chazz, Let’s talk about tort reform but let’s do it with the following facts:
1. Tort reform costs less than 1/2 of 1% of total annual health care costs per Congressional budget office.
2. Under the American justice system, a poor man can get legal representation in malpractice suits by offering an attorney a contingent fee ( i.e. no award or settlement, if attorney gets Zero for his client. This is different from the Eurpean justice system where you have money up front or no justice because suit failure in England results in loser paying winners attorney’s fees.
3.Your pleadings have to allege a prima facia case of malpractice and append to your complaint documentation sufficient to convince the court that there are reasonable grounds for your case.
4. As an attorney, filing a malpractice suit without sufficient grounds results in direct damage to the attorney of paying the defendant’s legal fees and expenses and court cost or if the pleadings/threats of suit have no apparent basis in fact or law, plaintiff’s attorney can be disbarred. Can you imagine any attorney foolish enough to gamble their license to practice by filing frivilous lawsuits?
5. As part of the plaintiff’s burden of proof, there must be credible expert witnesses whose experience/medical resume history is sufficient to prove expertise and that the malpractice comnplained of results from activity by the doctor so foriegn to recognized standards of present day nmedical practice that a usually jealous and envious jury of peers will overcome their prejudice to “make whole” the injured victim.
6. Present state laws on malpractice are so onerous that many victims are never “made whole” because the risk to lawyers is too great given the wealth of insurers to bleed victim’s attorneys to death with their often frivilous objections and threats of appeal.

Few state supreme courts have had the courage(Like Illinois) to defend the “separation of powers” doctrine under which insurance/health care lobbies buying victim defeat legislation through corrupt legislators are permitted to steal common law damage rights that go back to Dickensian England.
Tort reform is a code phrase for “lets screw the victims” by making it economically impossible for their attorneys to file suit on a contingent fee basis.

Its analagous to burning down the hospitals to solve the healthcare problem. Now that you have the facts chaz,can you see why this “red herring’ is worked so hard by your corrupt cohorts because its too hard to put the truth in a thirty second sound bite. I suspect you are well aware of this phony argument. If you want an example of abuse, just google “beaton-healthcare-stupak” and let nurse beaton, surging with breast cancer from her insurance cariers recission decission on a phony precondition defense. Now you meet the real death panels. Not Sarah the ignorant’s imagined boogymen.
Chaz, give it up your poisonous preverications are as transparent as your attempt to present tort feasors as victims.

By: Goddard Sat, 20 Mar 2010 05:49:02 +0000 we don’t mind paying a bit more in taxes to allow the less fortunate to have their dignity preserved when they are more vulnerable. That is real wealth redistribution,what vould be the problem investing in the health of a nation, is it a great deal more than investing in wars? Is it less commendable? I would like to know.

OK, I’m all for fair. Now in the US to be “less fortunate,” you just have to be opposed to working breed out a lot of kids you can’t take care of or have some immaginary illness with two or three alphabet acronyms attached to it and Voila! society owes you food, education, housing and medical care. Now does that seem all to simple to the working class who ultimately takes care of them? So here is what I propose:

You must have three doctors to determine your inability to work.

If you are out of work and taking assistance, you must show up at the unemployment office every day and be assigned a job to do to earn your assistance (not withstanding earned unemployment benefits.)

If you have a history of welfare assistance, there is not a never ending blessing to continue to have children that society must take care of. You must limit the number of children you have after going on welfare assistance to “0” and I really don’t care about your religion and neither should the government. All we’ve heard for the past 40 years is cries of athiests that say separation of church and state. They’ve won many of those legal battles. You can hardly say God in any public place without one of the progressives yelping about being “offended.” So let’s take religion out of government assistance. Make sense? So regardless of what you feel God is whispering in your year in the bedroom, society does not have the responsibility to get up and go to work to support the results of your religion.

No illegals. It is stupid and defies all intelligent thought process to reward people to come here illegally. The steal identities, they overload our schools, they totally take advantage of our medical system, they may or may no pay incidental taxes when they shop for food or buy clothing, etc., but clearly their intent is to make money under the table and send it to the real country they love. We are just a catalist in the process, not a country they love. Hell most of them refuse to speak English and force yet another entitlement in the way of all government materials being provided in a host of languages other than English.

So, come here legally. If you are “less fortunate” quit having kids you can’t support, don’t have children for the sake of Medicare and more freebies, and get up and go to the unemployment office and be assigned a community job until you can secure work.

Now just how many of these less fortunate people do you think would sign up for these requirments to get health insurance? I doubt many. As all people who have come to live off entitlements, they expect society to support them out of the goodness of their hearts, go on with adding to their brood and watch most of us go to work out their picture window and think “Thanks Suckers.” Work harder cause I need more.

By: dc2ndtest Sat, 20 Mar 2010 05:21:45 +0000 Hey Chazz, glad you brought up wealth redistribution. Here’s some facts

1. In 1980, the top 1% of incomes in US received 8% of total income for the year. In 2007, that gifted 1% of top incomes carved out 23% of total income for the year. Why? GWB and bought and paid for republican congress pased “Gifts to the rich” such as eliminating the top 2 FIT brackets(i.e.37%/39%) while the middle income americans were thrown pennies. Cost of gift?$1.7Trillion YTD stolen by the parasite 1% from the middle class they destroyed over the last 8 years and the poor who they have transformed into the American “untouchables”?. In that same 1980-2007 time period, middle income Americans actually LOST money. Wealth transfer? $1.7 Trillion to top 1% by middle income/ poor under republican administration. Chazz, are you just too ignorant, or are you just another pimp for corruption like your republican associates.

By: jrscott Sat, 20 Mar 2010 04:34:26 +0000 Chazz: You are my hero of the day! You so perfectly and eloquently sum up the feelings of the majority in this nation, and fully understand the intent of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. Let me know when you run for President.

By: ErinWest Sat, 20 Mar 2010 00:47:15 +0000 If the President and the leftist Democrats truly cared about what the American
people want, wouldn’t t they allow plenty of time for debate
and filibuster of this bill. As it is – the bill has not even been debated in
the Senate – absolutely unheard of ! Why are they only allowing 72 hours
to read the bill, before voting on it – on a SUNDAY of all things ?
Why all the shady dealing and corrupt maneuvering, if they have nothing
to hide ? Who ever heard of someone passing a bill of this magnitude
without an up or down vote ? Why not pass the bill in increments , if
the President is such an honest and upright person ? Wouldn’t this
make more sense – given the strength of the opposition and the state of
the economy, right now ?

The answer is that the President and his cronies are confirmed ideologues
who have a clear agenda . I don’t think they care about the Democratic
Congresspeople involved and their political futures one whit . They don’t give damn what the American people
think or want – nor do they particularly care about Constitutional
or transparent Congressional procedures . They do not represent the
American people – they TELL the American people they want them to do
and scheme to get the control to be able to do just that .

I just feel sorry for the fools who voted for this man and
his disgraceful followers in Congress , in the first place .

By: Chazz Fri, 19 Mar 2010 22:22:48 +0000 One final thought….

If you were to go back and research the duties of the President of the United States and the House and Congress, you’d see the system was set up so the people ran things through their elected representatives. The President is titled, “The Chief Executive,” the definition being this person would “execute the wishes of the people.” The people made their wishes known to the members of the house and senate and the the Pres was supposed to “execute” them.

In those more perfect days, government was supposed to be made up of “citizen-statesmen,” people whose life was engaged in their own businesses, but who took time to “serve the people” for a set term, before going back to the business they really wanted to do.

George Washington did not want to be President – after the war he wanted to return home to quietly work his farm. The country called and he served, but when his time in service of the people was finished, he happily stepped away and returned to “normal” life.

How far we’ve come from that grand idea. Where today we have professional politicians and Presidents who demand their own personal ideology gets passed with or without the consent of the “people.”

It’s no wonder things are so f’k’d up here and in the rest of the world. Citizen statesmen are lawyers whose command of the law can come up with multiple definitions of the word “is.”

You wonder why there’s not tort reform? How can a bunch of lawyers enact laws that will do themselves in? No…the guilty party, your honor, is someone else…let me make my case……

By: Chazz Fri, 19 Mar 2010 22:09:37 +0000 Mike –

Excellent reply. You know – I got it…I understand the 16% GDP thing and it’s meaning. I also understand the history. Ten years ago bread, gas, electricity, and a bunch of other stuff cost less than it does today. Same stuff, but it costs more…but Health Care today isn’t the same Heath Care product of ten years ago.

Listen – I’m FULLY on-board with the idea that our present state of health care is broken and it needs to be fixed. What I’m not on board with is the idea that the ONLY way it can be fixed is to create a new system, run by the government to “fix it.”

You see… I’m not as smart as you or as trusting. I don’t believe that the upstanding people who represent “us” in Washington can run a program that – as you so clearly point out – is 16% of our GDP. I’m trying very hard to remember any government run program that lived up to the promises made when they were enacted. LBJ’s Medicare really has delivered, hasn’t it? That cash for clunkers gig – there’s a poster for success. I had a LOT of time thinking about it while standing in line at the Post Office on Mass avenue here in Washington DC. It’s the Post Office next to Union Station, only a couple of blocks from the Capitol. Yup – LOTS of time to stand there, in the never ending line of no less than 30 people that stretched out the door because only three workers were manning the 10 windows. (To be fair, only two of the three were working – One could have been on break and though sitting there doing nothing, she made no effort to help anyone.) Unfortunately, with all that time I couldn’t come up with any real success stories. But HEY, come to think of it – that’s another thing that’s gone up! – the price of stamps. It’s really helped the Postal Service run more efficiently.

Mike, Mike, Mike…I DO believe the time has come for health care reform but…Instead of fixing the problems we ALL know are there, this “bill” is designed to create a new identity. EVERYONE has agreed that there are some clear – NECESSARY fixes that can be done right now (actually, could have been quickly done a year and-a-half ago) that would make a drastic impact on the system, preventing the tragedies like the one you so kindly related, about the woman you had to layoff…er…”downsize.” Stories run up the flagpole like banners to champion Health Cares ENTIRE overhaul. There’s a lot of wood that needs to be chopped in this country and JOBS ranks right up there…however, for over a year now that necessary need has been ignored in order to completely redraw the Health Care system. If the polls that everyone runs their lives by these days are correct, the majority of American citizens DO NO want that system completely overhauled- a.k.a. this ‘bill’ …not now. They want REFORM and they want JOBS. Seems to me, the people “we” put into office to do “our” bidding should be working on reform, but instead, they stubbornly push ahead against the majority (if the polls are right.) And the arrogance behind it…so my!

IF this “new” Health Care system was so good and so perfect and corrected the problems as is promised – why is it then, that the Democratic majority is having problems shoving it through? Why do they have to resort to obscure parliamentary maneuvers and absurd and clearly unfair deal making? Hell – if something is THIS good it should be able to grow legs and walk itself through the process on it’s own while everyone stands and cheers! Yea!!!!!

If this new Health Care “bill” that you so desperately want to have passed is SOOOOO good, then why are our “leaders” saying, “just pass it and we’ll fix it later?”

So, when I hear someone say we need to redistribute wealth, I think back to my father who came to this country because it promised him the FREEDOM to pursue whatever trade he wanted…to put in as much or as little labor as he deemed necessary…to build the future as good or as bad as HE wanted…and to buy or not buy whatever he did or did not want to buy.

The success and the consequences of the choices HE made fell firmly on HIS shoulders and the thought that someone else should bear the price of any hair-brained scheme was unthinkable…in fact, it wasn’t even a thought. Not so these days – where worlds like “civilized” are used in an attempt to guilt people into a way of being.

My father left EUROPE because the “benefits” I listed were NOT available to him, and I might add, to the countless others who left the awesomeness of Europe behind too. You gotta ask yourself – if Europe, like our “new” Health Care Bill, were sooooooooooooo good…why do people leave it (Europe) and why is the government majority having such a hard time getting Health Care’s awesomeness passed?