Go ahead, make his day: Best of the week

March 26, 2010

Maybe it’s the recession, but groceries were a big hit with readers this week. The smackdown king of popularity, however, was no doubt President Obama and his healthcare law, stories for which dominated our most-read figures. Here are the week’s most popular tales.

obama1. Obama dares Republicans to seek healthcare repeal

“Go ahead, punk. Make my day.” While President Obama surely doesn’t carry a Magnum 45 like Dirty Harry did, he certainly talks as tough. Speaking to university students after signing his landmark healthcare legislation into law, the president taunted the Republicans to go ahead and try to repeal the new law. “If they want that fight, we can have it,” he proclaimed. Do you feel lucky, punk? Do you?

walmart2. Wal-Mart to slash grocery prices

Are you feeling pretty hungry as this recession rolls on? Is your stomach in need of filling? Don’t worry! Help is on the way. Wal-Mart, your friendly neighborhood big box behemoth is slashing prices on groceries. That’s right, slashing prices! Hurry on down! But wait, there’s more. Buy one full bag of groceries and get another bag free! That’s right, free! (Ok, I made that last bit up.)

3. Massive storm hits Perth, Australia

Crikey, mate. That’s a lot of rain! This video was by far the most popular of the week. The storm that seemed to come out of nowhere dropped hail the size of big ice-cubes, blew over trees and shattered car windshields. But I think the real reason it was so popular was the yellow-raincoat-wearing scooter rider.

bin laden4. Bin Laden threatens Americans with execution

Osama bin Laden should be happy: The U.S. can’t find him, he obviously has access to radio (with the shows on TV these days, I prefer radio myself), he’s still very popular with the FBI, ranking yet again on its Most Wanted List, and of course, also near the top of our most popular table — the story that is, not the guy.

5. Slideshow: World Water Day

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink: This slideshow compiled for World Water Day on March 22 connected with readers. A UN report titled “Sick Water” said human beings are flushing millions of tonnes of solid waste into rivers and oceans every day, poisoning marine life and spreading diseases that kill millions of children annually.


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Posted by Benefits | Report as abusive

Obama’s little tiff concerning the comments or threats made by the GOP to stop ObamaCare truly shows just how immature Obama truly is in my opinion. Considering the news media has made light of Obama’s back room dealings with his two pals Pelosi and Reid. And let us not forget the most important part where the “Guru of Change” promised from the beginning of his campaign that he would be transparent, which has yet to reach the spot light. What is more disturbing is that the American people are allowing Obama to get away with his constant lies and deceit. Now! Our elected officials are following suit by turning a deaf ear to their constituents. America in my opinion is facing still more radical change because of Obama’s liberal mindset and there appears to be no means of stopping his deliberate destruction of this great nation short of civil war.

Posted by Woodeye | Report as abusive

I like to call President Obama “The joker of change”
However after watching the entire full day health care summit, one can only reach the conclusion, that we have morons running our country. The American people are not down and out, there ready and willing to get rid of every member in Congress…They just don’t want to believe this is going to happen. Much like Obama making believe the American People want his plans and programs; what planet in outer space did he come from?

Posted by quad | Report as abusive

Thank god President Obama has finally had a belly full of the Republican Corporate lackys, the Right Wing fanaticists, the fascistic Lobbyists, the “Tea-Party” cuckoos, etc.(ad nauseum…Oh, I forgot…it’s all the SAME people!) Everyone seems to have forgotten how Mr. Obama got to be the PRESIDENT; to quote the old ad slogan, “…he EARNED it!” TAKE THEM DOWN, baby!!!

Posted by RDM2 | Report as abusive