After the vote: Some useful links to guide you


pelosiAfter a year of often rancorous debate, the House has passed a sweeping overhaul of the healthcare system that expands insurance coverage to nearly all Americans and hands President Barack Obama a landmark victory.

Here are some useful links from around the Web to help guide you through the reforms and what they may mean to you.

The Economist: One part basic decency, one part cost control Top 10 facts to know about healthcare reform

HuffingtonPost: Top 10 immediate benefits you’ll get

The Washington Post: Follow the money: How House members voted and the contributions each received from health sector

NPR: Consumer’s guide to health overhaul

Kissing Brits land on most popular list


Sex and sexuality in some form or another dominated our best-read list this week, whether a simple kiss, randy nurses or naked activists. There was some serious stuff in there, too, but really, it’s all about the sex.

1. British pair faces jail time in Dubai over kiss

You, dear readers, were no doubt flabbergasted when you read this headline, so much so that you clicked it straight to the top of our most read list. Dubai authorities arrested the couple in November and now face a month in prison for the crime of … kissing. Egad! Off with their heads!  My message to Dubai authorities: You must remember this: a kiss is just a kiss …

Graphic: Healthcare fund flows


Vital signs for healthcare stocks are improving at the expense of what is shaping up to be a watered down government health reform initiative.

But the sector, which is heavily weighted to U.S. healthcare companies, is still struggling to regain its footing with more investor cash leaving the group than is coming in while the reform debate rages across the United States.