Kissing Brits land on most popular list


Sex and sexuality in some form or another dominated our best-read list this week, whether a simple kiss, randy nurses or naked activists. There was some serious stuff in there, too, but really, it’s all about the sex.

1. British pair faces jail time in Dubai over kiss

You, dear readers, were no doubt flabbergasted when you read this headline, so much so that you clicked it straight to the top of our most read list. Dubai authorities arrested the couple in November and now face a month in prison for the crime of … kissing. Egad! Off with their heads!  My message to Dubai authorities: You must remember this: a kiss is just a kiss …

2. Insurer targeted HIV patients to drop coverage

hiv1upThis special report about a 17-year-old college freshman who inadvertently exposed wrongdoing in the insurance industry landed late in the week but reached No.2 on our most popular list. The story points out that “the revelations come at a time when President Barack Obama, in his frantic push to rescue the administration’s health care plan, has stepped up his criticism of insurers,” making it not only a gripping read but a timely tale as well.

3. African Jews may have the lost Ark

African Jews have the lost Ark of the Convenant. Who knew?

4. Nurses’ union: Care does not include sex

What? No sex? What kind of care is this? It would appear that in Amsterdam hands-on medical care is a literal expectation for some folks. According to the story, the nurses’ union there received a complaint from a 24-year-old woman who said a 42-year-old disabled man asked her to provide sexual services as part of his care at home.” It adds that the “the young woman witnessed some of the man’s other nurses offering him sexual gratification.”