Most popular videos of 2010


From the iPad to a bus siege in Manila to top model gaffes and bejeweled bras, 2010 was an eventful year. Reuters videographers were on the scene at many of these major stories to bring viewers the latest news, often at great risk to themselves as seen by the tragic death of a Reuters cameraman in Thailand.  Their work, sometimes daring, sometimes fun, prompted our audience to click and share. Here’s a look at the most popular video from each month.

JANUARY: Apple ready for big device debut

The launch of Apple’s iPad was a highly anticipated event and it propelled this preview video to the most popular for January.

FEBRUARY: Luge crash death overshadows Games

The Vancouver Winter Olympic Games began with tragedy after Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed while on a training run. The horrific circumstances of the crash and what this meant for the upcoming Games kept viewers clicking on this video.

MARCH: A monorail that gets you pedaling

Weird and wonderful technological advancements are guaranteed to peak reader attention and this pedal-powered vehicle was no exception.