This week we get naked and go flying

What do you get when you cross an economist, the Olympics and lots of naked people? An odd assortment of popular stories for the week. They obviously don’t make for a very funny punchline but they did get you clicking. Here are the stories that warmed your cockles (okay, maybe not, but “cockles” is a fun word, isn’t it?).

1. Winter storms to distort U.S. jobless figures-Summers

FINANCIAL/SUMMERSNothing triggers a good panic like a stern warning from the White House. Maybe that’s why this story made the top of the most popular list this week. Economic adviser Larry Summers said on Monday we should all look past Friday’s monthly unemployment numbers. The winter blizzards that zapped swathes of the U.S. in February would also do a number on the jobs report, making it seem worse than it really was. Maybe you, like me, thought, “Uh-oh, this is going to be way bad.” But wait, the actual report was better than expected. What are we to think now? Should we continue to disregard it? I’m so confused.

2. Joking Canada closes Games with moose stampede

OLYMPICS-CLOSING/Those crazy Canucks. Leave it to them to take the gaffe seen round the world at the opening ceremony  and turn it into a fun piece of comedy for the closing. Oh, there was laughing and dancing and music. So much fun. So much goodwill. But I can’t help but ask myself: What if they had lost the gold in hockey?

3. The hovercraft that flies

This video about a hovercraft that acts like a boat until it hits a certain speed and then takes to the skies had everyone in our newsroom saying, “I want one!” That is, however, until we heard about the “Jesus pin”. As the hovercraft’s inventor says, “The pin comes out, you see Jesus.” Hmm, I’ll pass.

Graphic: Global job cuts

Global Job Cuts Below are details of announced job cuts of 2,000 or more, by region, since the beginning of September last year. Click on highlighted areas to get a detailed breakdown of job losses by company.

Graphic: U.S. Unemployment

Unemployment Rate by State