Pelosi to colleagues: Happy New Year. Now get ready to work

December 31, 2008

WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a “Happy New Year” message to colleagues: be ready for action when the new U.S. Congress convenes next week.
“The 111th Congress will hit the ground running … with an ambitious schedule that corresponds with USA/the opportunities and challenges that we face as a country,” Pelosi wrote Wednesday in an open letter to her “Democratic colleagues.”
“The opening days of the Congress will be intense,” Pelosi added. “I know that we will be ready.”
The House and Senate will convene on Tuesday, Jan. 6 — 14 days before Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th U.S. president. It will mark the first time in 14 years that Democrats have controlled both Congress and the White House.
In the November elections, Democrats expanded their majorities in the House and Senate with a stack of campaign promises.
They included ones to: withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq and redeploy many of them to Afghanistan; expand health care coverage; move the U.S. toward energy independence; curb global warming and bolster regulation of the troubled financial industry.
Among the first measures to be considered will likely be one that could total $775 billion or more in spending and tax cuts to stimulate the economy and stem a deepening recession.
In her letter, Pelosi wrote that the Democratic Steering Committee, which helps set party policy, will hold a hearing Wednesday on the need for an economic recovery plan.
Pelosi added that by the time Obama takes office in two weeks, she expects the House to consider a number of bills, including one to pump new life into the economy.
She ended her “Happy New Year!” letter with a holiday note: “Best wishes to you and your family.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Yuri Gripas (Pelosi at a news conference Dec. 2)


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Who cares what she has to say. Blah, blah, blah.

Pelosi doesn’t represent the majority in this country. She is merely a liberal from San Francisco.

Even Obama is distancing himself from Pelosi and Reid, because they are a couple of chumps.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

The article shows the mentality of the american politician. To reduce taxes but increase expenditures is a fallacy that cannot continue to occur. In order to correct the problems we are facing as a nation at this time we must reduce the national debt. This means that taxes cannot continue to be reduced. American currently is the worlds largest debtor nation.

Posted by kl | Report as abusive

Outstanding example of Neo-Hooverism from kl…

Posted by lambert strether | Report as abusive

KL, the plan is to reduce taxes for those of us who actually pay them by closing the loopholes and off shore hiding places for those who don’t pay. Example; Carly Fiorina, former head of Hewlett Packard and McCain financial advisor. While head of HP Fiorina hid $17 Billion in HP assets in off shore banks to avoid taxes. After she was fired for incompetence she walked away with a $24 million severance. How many HP employees could have kept their jobs if her severance had been more reasonable? How much money would have gone into federal coffers if she had not hidden the $17 billion?
These are the things that the Obama admin. is looking at not an across the board reduction in taxes, and by the way, eight years ago we as a nation were operating in the black. It only took Bush two years to erase a surplus and put us in debt.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

ms. Pelosi needs to get busy herself! She and Reid talked alot the last 2 years but got NOTHING done for the American voter/people…The approval ratings for Congress is at 9%—in no small measure accountable to the ‘do nothing of leadership’! Obama can not carry the whole change for them—they must must do the job elected to do…Forget the OLD PROTOCAL—-get it done !

Posted by bink | Report as abusive

Wexler’s Magic Neocon

Cheney the magic neocon, cold never do any wrong,
His Iraq fight was alright, cause Rumsfield told him so.
When Wilson debunked yellowcake, Plame was given up,
Cheney speaks cause Pelosi’s weak and let the treason go.

She and Reid are awful and should be replaced. Can you say Lewis and McCaskill anyone?

Posted by Jimbo | Report as abusive

Neither Pelosi or Reid have improved anything for us. Two years ago we heard alot…but have not seen improvement other than lots of spending.

Posted by Chris B | Report as abusive