White House website gets new look, blog

January 20, 2009

OBAMA/WASHINGTON – Moments after Barack Obama took the oath of office as the 44th U.S. president, the Web site for the White House, www.whitehouse.gov, underwent a dramatic metamorphosis, offering a new blog for online readers.

It will serve as a place for the most technology-savvy president in U.S. history and his new administration “to connect with the rest of the nation and the world,” Macon Phillips, director of new media for the White House, said on the site.

The site features a web-log or blog, an online “briefing room” and allows visitors to sign up for e-mail updates on major announcements and decisions, and to send in their own ideas.

As his first official act, Obama proclaimed Jan. 20, 2009 as a “National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation,” calling on Americans to serve one another and come together to carry forward American democracy.

Phillips said Obama also remained committed to his campaign pledge to make “his administration the most open and transparent in history.”

All executive orders and proclamations would be published on the website, as well as all non-emergency legislation, giving the public five days to comment before they are signed by the new president, Phillips said.

Citing Obama’s early work as a community organizer in Chicago, Phillips said, “Citizen participation will be a priority for the Administration, and the Internet will play an important role in that.”

– Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Obama takes the oath of office)


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This is like witnessing Halley’s Comet…I might never see this moment again in my lifetime :)

Posted by Trinidad Belmontian | Report as abusive

Congratulations! It has been a long time in coming and we will support all efforts towards the betterment of humanity in the name of truth and in the spirit of healing and reconciliation. United We Stand! Thank you!
Julie Hartman

Posted by Julie Hartman | Report as abusive

Looks a lot like Obama’s campaign site.

Posted by P3epe | Report as abusive

In Israel, they’re asking Obama: So, nu, can we?

http://forecasthighs.com/2008/11/06/yes- we-can/

Posted by Amir Mizroch | Report as abusive

Congratulations Mr.Obama,May the Might and Wisdom of Lord Hanuman be with you and your family,for you have a long and tough road ahead.

Posted by Bhupendra C.Patel | Report as abusive

thank you for being a president that cares about the people of this country. good luck

Posted by Julie Weaver | Report as abusive

When in trouble we stand in prayer
And overcome our every fear.

We endure and fight together,
No matter what we must endeavor.

Published in 1964. By Linda Hatcher (Spencer)

God Bless America!

Posted by Linda J Spencer | Report as abusive

President Obama is our inspiring, good hearted and energetic leader. We should not only support him and his policies, but also if necessary, persuade the Congress and Senate to help so. We will all have to work together to get out of the mess we are in! Thank you.

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Wonderful inauguration.
Here’s a way for the IRS to collect needed money for the economy. Tax the “under the table” economy. I’m a teacher and there’s no way I can avoid taxes and social security payments sO I’m annoyed when repairment come to my house and charge far more than I earn per hour and they often want cash payments stating they have no bank accounts. With all the technology available why can’t they be issued a receipt which includes the amount paid for service plus parts and their social security number so they have to pay taxes, too. We can turn in those receipts with our tax returns and maybe a small incentive to do so. I have far more training for my profession than they do and it’s not fair that I pay my full share of taxes and they don’t.

Posted by Patricia West | Report as abusive

Please – begin a program of encouraging all citizens to invest in the Government by purchasing bonds much like the War Bonds of WWII. It will provide money without more borrowing from foreign countries, and give everyone a feeling that they are participating in recovery, as well as saving for their own future.

Katharine Robinson,
(One of the 8,000 descendants of the George Washington family.. Descendant of John Augustine Washington.)

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I am so happy today. God Bless America.

Posted by Sharon | Report as abusive

No I will not blindly support Obama and his policies. And I will not ask/demand Congress do the same.

Just because he is your guy, doesn’t make his policies (whatever those are…We still don’t know except “hope and change”) correct for this country. His policies will likely make the recession worse. His policies might open us up to an attack on our soil. His policies might take away our freedoms. His policies might make us a socialist nation. His policies regarding social issues will ultimately tear us apart as people.

No, I will not join in the frenzy with a shallow mantra of “hope and change”. It is exactly what it is, a blind frenzy which is not based on an objective plan.

Our country might be experiencing a few bumps in the road economically, but let’s not make it worse. It’s Obama’s game now. He has to earn his way and there is no one to blame but him from now on.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Dear Mr. President,
As a conservative aviator and documentary film maker, my best wishes & God’s blessings for your stewardship and leadership of our republic. I watched today from the National Mall as someone who did not vote for you but understood the monumental moment of history. I hope and pray that your policies ensure the continued role of our nation as a “Shining light on a hill”, reward the risk takers who built this nation and give those less fortunate the tools to seek their dreams & contribute to the common good.

Jeffrey Luken Hartlage
Southbury, Connecticut

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mr. obama has already admitted he will not be able to keep all his campaign promises.
There is not enough money to fund them.

I fear the only promises he will keep are with regard to reversing the right to life policy of the Bush administration. Furthermore, to remove all restrictions.
Without life, there is no hope.

Posted by william p. murphy | Report as abusive

Congratulations, Pres. Obama, You have my support and prayers because you are my president chosen by the majority. For if you succeed, we all succeed. Without Life from conception until death, there is NO life. You were precious and dear to your Mother, so may all unborn be precious to you. I plead, don’t turn your back on the unborn, elderly, or infirm for they are all special and precious in God’s sight. You don’t know what the future might bring for you in your family, too. May you be blest in your endeavors and have the support and heart of the people in this great nation. Jeanette Stengel

Posted by Jeanette Stengel | Report as abusive

According to Mr. Obama’s comments yesterday, he has no right telling the American public who we can listen to or who we can. It’s a FREE country. The stimulus package will be a significant problem for this country. It’s unfortunate it has come to this point.

Posted by Rosie Dunn | Report as abusive

Please do more to help our senior citizens to remain in their homes we have seniors in their homes that cannot afford to pay their utilities, pay property taxes, insulate their homes such as windows ect. We need to stop listening to people that would rather be members on a program or team players. Because members just show-up when it’s convient and team players show-up when it’s inconvient and it hurts because it’s good for the team. When Jesus asked for followers to be on his team because they were going to be asked to do things that were good for all and not to be of a selfish nature. Because if you aonly do things that are comfortable for you, you will never grow from being babe rather than a mature adult. We all need to grow to maturity if we are going to make it in life.

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