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hi there, good article. my media, breaks even right now and we have high hopes for the next three years. the trick if there is one is to stop being a journalist for a minute and start being a business person. if your in school find an mba or economics major to talk to. not one that says media and rolls their eyes, one that says cool! a challenge.your question premise is this, how if i am a subcontracting journalist do i do this. the gig analogy is on the money. there are hundreds and hundreds of web sites now looking for content,not one does it all. get real good at one overall topic, sell different stories across the board about it. the web site will tell you what they’ll pay and what they want. like the old timer editors. as content providers ap,reuters start
to clamp down on folks that essentially pirate their stuff, the empty space needs to be filled….by you. make sure you know how to do a ten second video clip, audio clip, and text for any story. they’ll tell you the mix they want. the newspapers going broke is a natural happening, old dogs die off right? your the new dogs, its a new way, stop thinking newspaper,start thinking gigs!
dont give up and dont give in.
bob brouse