In November, Reuters photographer Eric Thayer made a journey along the U.S. and Mexico border between San Diego and El Paso. Eric has always been fascinated by the border and has crossed it many times whilst growing up to surf and shop. This trip was a chance for him to explore the small border towns that lie on either side of the fence - towns where the border divides work, family homes and in some cases, divides the town itself. 75 PHOTOS

What a treat to have these lovely photographs accompanied by such personal and illuminating observations.

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Regaring the emptiness of the southe end of Border Field State Park… it’s primarily empty because of the often toxic discharge from the river a few hundred feet north. Great for birdwatching or visiting the Nature Center, or for walking up to the fence to chat with the young men waiting for a break to slip through, but not the best beach for recreation. The river’s bacteria know no border, and of course wash south as well as north.

It’s a curious mix – on the one hand glad to see families enjoying the day, islands in the distance, but alarmed that they’re generally oblivious to the manifold dangers.

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Glad to hear we are deporting illegals now, ABOUT TIME! Wanna be with your family stuck in US? Bring them over to YOUR side. THEN apply for PROPER immigration! Thanks.

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God must look and wonder, “why do they strive not to understand, but kill each other”? Life is so precious. We are all human beings. We have many different lives, but we realize far too late, we share the same air, sun and feelings. Sometimes we think we are better than someone else, but we not. Like Rodney King said. “Why can’t we all just get along”.

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