The brown brick building at 4860 15th Street is at the center of the next downsizing to hit this failing city: the restructuring of the Archdiocese of Detroit. St. Leo Catholic Church was built more than 120 years ago as Detroit was developing into a manufacturing powerhouse – first in shipbuilding and later in car making. Today its neighborhood is one of the most abandoned pockets in one of the nation's most desperate cities. Like many Catholic churches around urban America, it has been hit by a shortage of priests and a dwindling supply of parishioners. Read the full story here and photographer's blog here. 43 PHOTOS

Let us build Iraq and Afghanistan first. Communities, people, infrastructures, poor kids, unemployment and other miserable things can wait for better funding, policies and leadership.

It is OK to build military, airforce and navy. Fund 200+ military bases around the world, provide humanitarian aid to remote parts of the worlds to gain political dominance in the name of promoting democracy. It is OK to let our own die with hunger, disease and poverty. After all, we are good American politicians.

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Oh what have we become.

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Detroit’s a perfect storm: not only unemployment in a disastrous economy but too much unemployability; decades of open-ended welfare massively contributing to the collapse of family; disastrous education related to the collapse of the family and culture.

Black urban poverty and culture is fundamentally different than it was before our disastrous welfare system was devised and perpetuated. It’s a tragedy and the “last rites” designation may be true but the process will a long, inexorable an unbearably painful. There is nothing in American politics, process, black or white leadership, or community that has any hope of slowing the agonizing collapse. RIP.

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Detroit is stripped alright. Right down to the last bolt and everything piece of grass. Republicans will never let it rise again. So rather than take pictures of down trodden, which your 30 years behind, why not tell the story of what is coming? Or are your people blind to what’s happening over they’re shoulder on both sides of the river. The Casino’s are there and thriving. Hundreds of houses have disappeared to make way for the bridges and Immigrants have appeared on Welfare rolls ten fold. The down trodden are easy to see, any city has them. Turn around and see the bigger picture. There’s a big story there and money is driving it. don’t just drop in and take a pic. Drop in and look around with two eyes open. Then go to the Casino. I’m betting on you.

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And exactly why is the Democrat administration sending the Volt to China to be built????

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Naturally, when you’ve had only Democrats as mayors for some 40 years now, what else do you expect? Bw
This is exactly what happens when you put people on Gubmint dole, when you raise generations of “entitled” kids. If Obama and the rest of the Dems have their way, this is soon coming to a town near you.
Detroit is a miserable case study of big government run amok. ugged-comes-to-detroit/

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Make NO mistake about it. Detroit is in this condition for ONE REASON AND ONE REASON ONLY — For 50 years it has been RUN BY DEMOCRATS! Democrats WANT people to stay poor in order for Democrats to STAY IN POWER. This is a fact and a testament that Liberal Democrat policies DO NOT WORK! Otherwise the poor would still not be poor. Make NO mistake about this.

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This is the results of the progressive’s plan to make a socialist utopia. LBJ and his “great society” used Detroit for the model city, the is what will happen to the entire country if the progressives, like Obama get their way. This is the logical conclusion to a Marxist plan for society.

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