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Obviously cruel police.

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This is not OBVIOUSLY cruel police. There is no way to know the context. NO…its not pretty, but it shouldnt be judged solely on this frame either. One officer is pushing the other back and away. He could have been standing over her, and not standing on her and this frame could be as he steps back over. Yes her shirt is open and they are trying to drag her away and the buttons popped off. It doesnt mean they were trying to pull them off. To me she looks unconscious, be it by them, or other protestors I dont know, but they could be trying to drag her to safety after being hit by one of the numorous rocks around.

They may be arresting her and she is not resisting anything, we dont know that either. But she isnt laying in the middle of them getting hit with the batons and trying to cover herself up.

I am reminded of the famous Rodney King video. Everyone talks about how they beat him so badly and how it was brutality, but was later found out not to be. The entire video is actually about 10 min long. It shows him getting tazed multiple times and getting back up. It shows him fighting officers. It even shows one officer who clears her gun and prepared to shoot him. It then shows the superior officer on scene order her to holster and back off, saving his life. They used the appropriate amount of force to subdue a suspect based on HIS action and for their safety. The full video shows this, not the 30 sec clips the mass media puts out.

Maybe this was police brutality in this picture, but good and responsible journalism, is telling the complete story, not judging on a single frame shot.

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I cannot thank you enough for the article post. Will read on…


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