Russia’s demographic situation is one of the many factors contributing to uncertainty in understanding the future of the country. As one of the world's only developing countries with a decreasing population, the Russian economy relies on a large influx of migrant workers to fill the gap. Photographer Denis Sinyakov documents the divisive issue of immigration. 30 PHOTOS

It seems evident that racism evolves from progress.”Thems that gots gets and thems that don’t, don’t” from our colloquialisms here in America.
It has always been a sad confirmation of awareness for me that compassion is a limited emotion; limited to those on the edge I guess, where fear of falling back into the abyss of poverty is a mainstay of motivation to avoid it and yet always available to lend a hand and wish good will. Whereas those above or below this edge, some invisible line, are too tormented, or demented, to accept love for all in their quest to escape or evade poverty. Hatred is so sad….

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Migrant workers are worthy of respect, they created a lot of material wealth, but did not get the same treatment.

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