WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Conflict escalates in Gaza and Israel in the aftermath of an Israeli air strike which killed Hamas military chief Ahmed Al-Jaabari. 74 PHOTOS

I wonder how is possible that Israel with all its military and intelligence capabilities hasn`t been able to prevent Palestinian militants in Gaza to acquire and develop these military-grade rocket systems. They enclosed them behind the wall so nearly no suicide bombers manage to infiltrate Israel, so now they attack them with rockets…and it`s clear they are significantly improving their technology and striking range. And all this after so many incursions and so many “rocket engineers” and commanders having been eliminated. What will be next? Palestinians building their own army with tanks, drones, maybe jet fighters? I see here successive Israeli governments clearly failing to protect their citizens. No side in the conflict is willing to make a breakthrough towards a political settlement, but demographics and time is playing into the hands of Palestinians.

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how many kids lost at all that years of war….

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