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Text on the poster above the piano is in Russian. It reads “our children”. There is a large Russian speaking community in Israel.

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Don’t start anything if you can’t accept the consequence.

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Agreed Choppedlow. The so-called Palestinians need to reap the results of their murderous actions.

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@captwassabi What would you do if someone took over your house and held you hostage? fight them? or give them an olive branch? if you would fight them, then thats what the Palestinians are doing….

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Actually it goes both ways since it was the Israelis that started this one by killing Ahmed al-Jabari. Will it be worth it?

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Palestinians fire rockets into Israel for months, then get bent out of shape when Israel targets (precisely) one of the Hamas commanders? Yeah, whatever. Its one of those periodic outbursts in the middle east where the Palestinians learn that provoke-provoke-provoke sooner or later leads to a backlash. So be it. They deserve every misfortune that happens to them.

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no no no,,, you go read the history,, Muslims never kill civilians,, they are not even allowed by the religion to kill innocents,, our leaders Umar (R.A), Salahuddin ayyubi when came to rule Baitulmuqaddas (jerusalem) they never killed the innocents, you admit that,, now in the recent years after (in 20th, 21st century),, read the history, isralis always killed innocent Muslims. in response to that killing , Muslims attacked them… stop the geonocide of Muslims, leave their land, free them.no we are saying it..otherwise one day will come when Muslims will stop you by hand.in sha ALLAH

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where are the killings done by Muslims, why not any pics of israelis being killed are there in newspapers.. clearly the israelis are not killed … instead israelis threw bombs, kasams, missiles onto gaza, they martyrd Muslims… history tells Muslims never killed innocnets, it is the israelis who kill innocent Muslims

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