Photographer Goran Tomasevic captures the moment a Syrian rebel is mortally wounded by a government sniper in Damascus. 20 PHOTOS

Fake. Either Syrian rebels have no blood or this guy wasn’t shot. Not one photo had a drop of blood in it. Did it instantly freeze? I don’t care where you are shot and by what, at least a trickle comes out of somewhere. If this guy died of anything, he probably died of a heart attack or these photos were staged…

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To Jasob… There is actually blood in shot 8 of 20. You can see it on the shoe (white) being worn by one of them men that is moving the wounded man. There is also some on the wounded mans jeans if you look, near the white shoe.

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@ Jasob
Why fake? Because there is no river of blood to prove the man was hit ?
You may have seen too many Tarentino movies – although I am a fan ;)

If there is only an entrance wound, only small amounts of blood escape and the gunshot wound usually looks like a small hole of abraded skin, known as the abrasion ring in forensic science.

Exit wounds, when there are any, are caused by perforating shots and differ greatly. They usually are more spectacular. Blood can be profuse.

Obviously this man was hit by a penetrating shot, not a perforating one.
The bullet most probably ripped through multiple organs as the bullet was deflected inside his body.
Penetrating shots usually cause more damage than perforating ones.
Which is precisely the purpose of most modern military bullets.

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Then if it is indeed a penetrating shot as it looks like from the pictures, the photographer’s account of the event in the related article – “(…) The man died in minutes, his gut ripped through and his blood warming the bare concrete floor.” – is not 100% accurate as it leads the reader to think there was indeed a river of blood provoked by a perforating shot – the famous Tarentino/John Woo blood squirts. Most probably there were “only” a few blood leaks.

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@ Jasob
On top of that, it gets more complicated for abdominal wounds. Since there is plenty of space in the abdomen for blood to pool it is difficult to identify how severe the bleeding is. It will take some time to start pouring out of the entrance wound & chances are you will be dead already while your blood is still accumulating inside your belly.

Still a slow death, give or take a few minutes if major vessels are hit. And full consciousness during the last 10 to 15 seconds of cerebral autonomy when the brain stops getting oxygen from blood because of the irreversible pressure drop – That infamous eye popping / gasping for air moment just before the curtain falls forever, which you can feel coming progressively as shown on the pictures.

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