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More impressed with the nugget in her nose than the blood drinking

Posted by marinereefer | Report as abusive

That is retarded…literally. Retardation is in a nutshell slow intelligence and that is exactly what it takes to: Allow some group of 3rd worlders to impress their stupidity upon you, eat the raw blood of any animal, or pose in a picture drinking snake blood because you thought it would be cool. FYI, this does not make you look like a badass or a team player, it makes you look like a dumb marine. I am (well I was) a corpsman so I do not say that lightly.

Posted by I_knows_things | Report as abusive

So that’s the difference…see, U.S. soldiers smoke their cigarettes AFTER the battle. Not DURING. 😉

Posted by supershwa | Report as abusive

This is totally fracking stupid. I think they have lost their minds.

Posted by dancewater | Report as abusive

Marine, eh? That caduceus on her collar says different. She’s a US Navy corpsman. Every Marine platoon in the field will have them. Way to fact check, Reuters.

Posted by DocC | Report as abusive

Read this, people: “jungle survival exercise”

Know what people need to survive? Water. Know what’s in jungles? Snakes. What what’s in blood? Water.

Drinking blood is an emergency alternative to water if no viable source can be found.

Posted by FlexButtox | Report as abusive

navy corpsman….check the rank insignia

Posted by Darrin.Germany | Report as abusive

She’s a Marine Staff Sergeant, geniuses.

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/02/ 20/cobra-gold-2013-jungle-survival-exerc ises–military-drink-freshly-killed-snake -blood-thailand-pictures_n_2723952.html

Good to hear all the warfighters sounding off here. Sounds like you’ve all spent a lot of time training with foreign military forces. Well done.

And in an ass-kicking contest between you and her, my money is on the SSgt.

Posted by USMC0802 | Report as abusive

Deffinately a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant. And no, it’s not a Corpsman. I would know. I’m in the Marine Corps. I realize that USMC0802 already made this point clearly (and thank you for not being ignorant on military insignias), but I figured I would reaffirm that she is, in fact, a United States Marine Staff Sergeant. NOT a Corpsman.

Posted by bassace101 | Report as abusive

What exactly does cobra blood benefit in the human body system, and how does it help in survival?

Posted by shafecoffee | Report as abusive

By-your-leave,Sir. I think that beautiful Marine Staff Sergeant enjoys the experience and survival knowledge. Reminds me of a fantasy I had but I regress. I can guarantee readers that this Marine has to do things like this with sound resolve as a show of strength to her male counterparts. I believe they are now in greater respect of this Marine.

Posted by ChestyMadDog | Report as abusive

seven stupid nations, celebrate the year of the snake by desicrating the whole chinese new year.

Posted by siat | Report as abusive

good strategy. so, in the thick lush jungles that somehow survived as water loving and needing, plants, humans are going to track down cobras, for a drink, to survive, all the enemy has to do is send in a few bags of potato chips to get them crawling. other humans have found fruit and nuts, roots and streams, it is good marines generally are surrounded by water when trying to survive, this training, by and in the enemy territory, is obvious brain washing. the marine, even next to the pristine stream will seek out a cobra, got that.

Posted by siat | Report as abusive

comment therapy is just not working on this one, its so bad.. this is an unspeakable act. it is worst than that. Thankfully, Christ Jesus Is Here, the snake has already been lifted up, the confusion in the earth as to ‘snake’ why ‘year of the snake’ why ‘show the whole world snake’ is the emphasis this year on the return of Christ Jesus, the snake that was lifted up in the wilderness for healing,but wanton destruction of his creatures in such a savage way, that is an unspeakable act for a species that has other ways of doing things by now. Another show of human ignorance and inability to progress, oh, and put on a uniform when you do that k, its plain human stupid.

Posted by siat | Report as abusive

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