WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Our top photos from the past week. 20 PHOTOS

The photo #7 looks like something from the novel “1984″.

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Wow, the photo of the loyal mouse attacking a snake is really memorable.

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Each of the photos in the collection, are linked by a common theme. Despite the wide geographical diversity of the collection, the point of focus of each frame, depicts a struggle to preserve the well-being of self and others. Interesting, how the belief systems of the humans, drive their actions, while the animals (who are devoid of “belief” capabilities) are driven by survival instincts. Of greater interest, and perhaps sincere reflection, are the similarities between the captured images of animals depicted in the collection, and the humans, who by our nature “believe” ourselves to be advanced, by comparison, to the animals, with which we cohabitat.

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Living in a shipping container – note to self: count your blessings.

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