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anguish which war created will never fade off

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misses her brother, sad sad, hugs to her for her hero

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“Where have all the soldiers gone, long time passing…..gone to graveyards everywhere….oh when will they ever learn…” [Peter Paul and Mary]

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This is heartache in action and reminds of love’s enduring quality. I will continue to pray for the end of wars.

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There is way too much heartbreak and sadness on this Earth and a great deal of it has been caused by humans themselves. My heart aches for her and for her family and for everyone who suffers so deeply.

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Kashmiri life is cheap in Kashmir occupied by Hindustan despite UN resolutions for a plebiscite.

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I am a Muslim of Pakistani origin settled in the UK. I condemn this terrible act of violence against Christians in Pakistan in fact I condemn the use of violence against anyone and anywhere in the world. I have sent £200.00 to help the victims in my small way.

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“Singh, the main accused in India’s most high-profile criminal case, “”””killed himself in a cell he shared with “”””three”””” other inmates in New Delhi’s Tihar jail just before dawn”, prison spokesman Sunil Gupta said. I have no sympathy with the Singh but Sunil world can see through it.

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Heartbreaking scene. The man lost his life and the sister lost her brother through no fault of either of them. Then who is responsible for this and many thousands of Afghan and Pakistani innocent men, women and children’s’ lives lost? The leaders of the nations who ordered their troops into Afghanistan.

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We claim to be the superior of the species on Earth. I only see self destruction, religious separation, greed, dishonesty, pretense and hatred.

We will continue the destruction of the earth until the last breath of the last human. Personally, I can’t wait.

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Especially good photos this week.

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Blessings and prayers for the families of the fallen. Such sorrow…. There will be no pain or sorrow in eternity. We just have to get through today

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IMO, Our soldiers should not be made expendable for such wars created within the “divide and conquer” strategies of the west. The USA acts as a imperialist dictator and with a bully military agenda to over through all threats to the new world global government and its laws. The progressives want to do away with traditional sovereign constitutional rights. These neocon progressives have constructed a new form of slavery and tyranny, and have done it with fear and terror, and using the western media to cause dissent, fear and hatred of Muslims and Islam as a whole. The western people believed 911 and the CIA and MOSSAD was the one’s that are the terrorists and actually recruited, trained, armed the radical religious martyrs to fly the planes into the twin towers in New York, NY on 09/11/2001. Here is the documentary proof, http://www.911missinglinks.com

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This took my breath away. God bless our troops and their families. There are really no words for loss like this. XXOO

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Such a heartbreaking picture…

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When murderers are killed their families miss them. How quaint.

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I have no words to describe how much pain and loss there is in the world. I often wonder what the greater purpose of human existance is? I’ts with great sorrow that i see god creation falling apart.

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So very Sad. R.I.P. Ryan. Hope Lesleigh heartbreak will heal.

This Photo should be as famous for our times as the Sailor Nurse
Kiss instead some stupid celeb will get front page cover for breaking a finger nail.

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Love their camouflage uniforms … so hard to spot them.

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Heartbreaking. The first photo was almost too much to bear. I wish there was a way I could share this photograph…

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It’s sad that we’ve lost good men and women trying to make the mid-east a better place. We tried to show he mid-east a sane way of living by supporting democracy, but those countries are too grounded in the past to change. We’re in the 21st century, and it’s surreal that countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, and Iran still hold on to their bankrupt medieval cultures. It’s time to get out and let them implode.

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Died of a heart attack at a base in Georgia.

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I feel horrible for this woman too. To lose a brother, son or any other person close to you has to be the single hardest event in a person’s life. I am baffled as to why congress has allowed Obama to continue with his illegal wars. It blows my mind.

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alurlynx: Stop the pompous bombastic BS, please! You know very well why US started the war on Iraq! It’s because of oil… That’s right, f**** OIL, that’s the only reason… So stop the pretentious propaganda!

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renumeratedfrog: And how much oil do you think the US is getting from Iraq? Look at this link: http://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/pet_move_imp cus_a2_nus_ep00_im0_mbbl_m.htm

It’s only a small portion – less than 5% of our total imports. And we are paying market price for the oil. We’re actually getting less now than before Operation Iraqi Freedom!
I have been deployed to Iraq multiple times. I have helped train the Iraqi Army. Our goal was to stabilize their country, help build the Iraqi Army so they could defend their own country and help establish a sovereign Iraqi government that respected human rights. I was there. I saw and participated in what the US forces were doing to assist the Iraqi people. Unless you have been there and witnessed what actually happened – stop spreading the tired old lie about the “only reason” the US started the war!

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