WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Photographer Jorge Cabrera spent time on patrol with local police in San Pedro Sula, which was named the world's most violent city for a second year in a row, as they arrived at the crime scenes of victims of gun violence. Jorge documented the city's busy emergency room and visited the morgue. San Pedro Sula, the country's second largest city after Tegucigalpa, has a homicide rate of 169 per 100,000 people. Lax laws allow civilians to own up to five personal guns, and arms trafficking has flooded the country with nearly 70% illegal firearms. Read Jorge's personal account here. 39 PHOTOS

#5 is the worst, that woman was just sitting down in the evening drinking some Pepsi.

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That linked photographer`s personal account was reading chilling to the bone. It`s beyond comprehension how these people got accustomed to ubiquitous violent death. I suspect were these people to live in affluent and relatively tranquil neighbourhoods of, let`s say Zurich, Copenhagen or Luxembourg, they would deem such life quite abnormal.

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The answer to this problem seems rather stark, ruthlessly stamp out the street gangs. Put them on notice that starting in 48 hours all known gang members will shot on sight by the authorities unless they immediately renounce their gang affiliations and take concrete actions to demonstrate that they have done so.
Set up temporary camps for former gang members to report to so they may face potential prosecution or processing and release.
Nothing less will do.
One additional note; the author in their anti-gun zeal, could not but help mentioning that the locals are allowed to possess five personal weapons but then goes on to state that 70% of all weapons; those no doubt involved in criminal activity, were illegal weapons. Why can’t people simply report the facts and leave their own personal biases out?
Rich in New Mexico.

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