Swiss voters, backed by the government, rejected a proposal in 2011 to tighten the country's liberal fire arms laws. Citizens outside the military can apply for a permit to purchase up to three weapons from the age of 18 in a country where sharp shooting and hunting are popular sports. There is no national gun register but some estimates indicate that at least one in every three of Switzerland's 8 million inhabitants keeps a gun. Read an account from Switzerland-based photographers Denis Balibouse and Ruben Sprich here. 15 PHOTOS

Is Reuter’s pro gun or something? What’s with all the gun photos lately?

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so the Swiss have a people’s militia & it is routine to issue guns to men between the ages of 20 to 30 years old …. it’s considered a national duty. but, in the U.S. policymakers are trying to trick the citizens into giving up guns, deliberately trying to disarm U.S. citizens …. something seems very fishy about this.

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