WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Two bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon killing at least three people and injuring more than 170 others. 32 PHOTOS

Unless my eyes deceive me, what’s with the white plume of smoke in the distance? That’s opposite-direction from the primary bomb; as opposed to the ‘second’ explosion. And, it’s present as the primary blast goes off.

Nothing has been mentioned about that.

Literally, there’s something wrong in this picture.

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Um, that’s the Crate and Barrel store there on the right (777 Boylston). LensCrafters (699 Boylston) is further ahead right where that plume is, across from the library where the first one went off.

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@Skydrifter – It’s just a change in perspective that you’re not used to. They’ve been showing a lot of pics from the finish line looking up the street. This is much further up the street looking toward the finish line. You can see the finish line bomb had already gone off (hence the smoke) and the photo is taken of the second bomb just as it’s going off.

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the white plume of smoke is the first bomb. no mystery here.

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This is the second explosion…the white plume is the remnants of the first explosion

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I think the investigators will catch that parcel of information.

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I was a marathon runner on Monday in Boston so I can fully explain what this photo is… the explosion you are seeing right in front there is the SECOND bomb… the white plume of smoke further down Boylston Street was the first bomb which had gone off just five seconds earlier. My wife and I were running together and were about 50 yards from the Finish Line when the first bomb went off to the left of us. We were uninjured – exited at Exeter Street – did not finish the marathon – but are alive. Prayers for all the injured, the 3 dead innocent people and their families. RJ

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If you mean photo 1 of 32, that’s an image of the second blast, which took place anywhere between 10-20 seconds after the first. This image is looking east-northeast along Boylston street; the 2nd bomb was west of the first one. I know this because my home is just out of frame to the right of this photo.

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the first one with the fire is the 2nd bomb… you can see where the white smoke is, the flags are still blowing full blast… that was the primary blast. So yes, your eyes deceive you.

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The other photos you’ve seen have been taken from the perspective of the finish line, looking toward the runners’ faces approaching the line. Here, the photographer is positioned further back, looking toward the finish line, with photo of the backs of runners who are running toward the finish line. So, the large explosion above is the 2nd bomb site. The plume of white smoke in the distance is the 1st bomb site — closer to the finish line.

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This is picture of the second explosion, whereas the first explosion is in distance; the first explosion is closer to the finish line, which is the direction that the runners are heading toward.

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Photo accurate. Up street on left, first bomb to detonate was behind the flags, just before the finish line. Flags can be seen up street on left towards finish line, under “white plume”.

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There were several bombs and at least two explosions.

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There were several bombs and at least two explosions. All the stories from Tuesday mentioned that.

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That is the second explosion, while the smoke is from the first. The first explosion was right next to the flags at the finish line marking all the countries the runners were from.

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The white plume in the distance is from the first explosion. The first explosion was right by the finish line near the Library. The second explosion was closer to Crate & Barrel as seen here.

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@ SKYDRIFTER — you’re looking at it from the other direction. You’re looking at the second blast. The plume of smoke is the tail end of the primary explosion.

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