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That picture is a classic ….t shows what an utter waste of time Obama’s visit to the G8 was….he really thought he was going to sweet talk or pressure Putin???? Putin was getting his way in the KGB while Obama was still inhaling

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It is better to trust in the Lord Than to put confidence in man.

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bold move death you will rest better. oh yes a dead sentence high treason you are a traitor, who? did I? hi treason it is what you wanted, the alien language… I said hi security lockdown, the turks feed me with stuff that feed on me and grew… we are not friends! Yes I was but more safety I would have loved it! and give you a buss award! communal transport western leader…

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Frustrated and bothered by not getting his way on both their faces. Running the two very messed up nations is not easy.

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Putin does not acknowledge Obama. The KGB Strength. Huraaaahhh

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If you can’t say anything nice…

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I appreciate you sharing this article post. Keep writing.


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