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Apropos the picture of the fake pigeon with a spy camera…. It’s a cute photo, but there’s no way that such a bird would be able to freely fly…. Therefor, I have to conclude that this paritcular exhibit is nothing more but a propaganda piece.

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Wow. Look at the conditions some live in.

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Score one for the poor tourtured animial. I hope that hurt.

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Good job good picture, continue to do so thanks.

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@ renumeratedfrog, that fake pigeon is smaller than a real one, and more importantly, pigeons are the only birds that can create lift on both the upstroke and down-stroke of the wings, creating tremendous lift to weight ratio, you greatly underestimate the pigeon and I suggest you read up on it

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that’s what you should expect and somehow what you deserve.

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The hardest kinds of cruelty to animals excuse that national tradition

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