As U.S. fast-food workers strike in a bid to raise wages in the service sector, Reuters photographers in 10 countries document the lives of workers living on their country's minimum wage. 40 PHOTOS

There are millions, if not billions, of people in this world that can not even get a job with minimum salary.

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One cannot sympathize with either the proponents of such an argument, nor those that create it by being statisfied with such a station in life, remit of any responsiblity in addressing it other than accusing the population of inequality, which quite frankly, is the root flaw in the argument in the first place.

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On-the-job poverty is even worse than jobless poverty, as a person in employment could be paid lesser than benefits of unemployment.

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Your comment is an excellent argument for reducing unemployment benefits.

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We’ve cut taxes for the rich for 40 years. Claims, made by liars, that giving more money to the rich will create jobs has been proven false to anyone with a drop of common sense.

The rich simply use their money to buy political favor. To buy TV networks. And to pay rightwing hatemongers to post in internet forums.

The answer is simple. Increase the minumum wage. Tax the rich to pay for it. They have not paid their fair share in 40 years. That bill is overdue and late fees apply.

Tax the rich.

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So capitalism does work…i wonder if this people can ever get a good vacation….snif!

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just like Egypt, people are wipped to build empires.

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Learn a skill or trade and bring something of value to your employer. Showing up while wearing a uniform is not a skill. Speaking poorly of the employer that gave you the job you applied for is not an admirable trait.

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I’ll keep saying it. Employers that pay minimum wage are freeloading on the social services that I am forced to provide with my tax dollars. Someone with a job shouldn’t need a big subsidy from my paycheck to have basic food, shelter, and clothing. The person getting rich off the fruits of their labor should be paying for those basic needs, or shouldn’t be in business. If the cost of service sector goods goes up, it would be a pittance relative to the percentage of my income that goes to fund social services like SNAP and Medicaid. Those services should be to support people who are fundamentally incapable of being employed, not people who go to work every day.

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A few facts from our friends at the IRS:
in 2009, 47% of households didn’t pay income taxes
In 2009, the top 10% of income earners paid 70.5% of all federal individual income taxes and earned 43.2% of the income
In 2009, the top 1% of income earners paid 36.7% of all federal individual income taxes and earned 16.9% of the income.
In 2009, the top 0.1% of income earners paid 17.1% of all federal individual income taxes and earned 7.8% of the income.

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Point # 1, The world in overpopulated. Until we can convince all of that we will have an over balance of poverty. Point # 2, Someone will always be on the bottom. Anytime you examine a number, there is always the low & high. The people on the low end should always be striving to improve their lives through hard work and tenacity. History is filled with stories of people who chose to rise from poverty and excel. This will not be the case for all. But I will guarantee that 25% of people living in poverty are there because of low motivation.
Point #3. Lets keep some perspective on life.

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how profoundly sad, to read the heartless comments of people who do not understand this brutal system.

I was once one of them, ignorant of real history and deaf and blind to the suffering that is real for many and totally unnecessary except to further accelerate the rapidly growing disparity here and abroad.

If your heart is not hardened beyond compassion and something in my words wrings true but difficult to fathom you might want to read Zinn’s A Peoples History.

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I wish to all Americans: less TV, more books and make a friendship with at least 4 foreigners that live outside the US, so maybe then you stop writing such nonsense comments.

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ive been living on minimum wage for over 15 years, and I can survive just fine. I even have the new ps4 reordered with a large panel plasma screen. ive seen it happen tons of times on so if you can’t handle being on minimum wage like me then you need to move out of the country.

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