Photographers Nacho Doce and Ricardo Moraes spent months documenting deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. Initial data from Brazil’s space agency suggests that deforestation of the vast Amazon - the largest rainforest in the world - spiked by over a third during the past year, wiping out an area more than twice the size of the city of Los Angeles. If the figures are borne out by follow-up data, they would confirm fears of scientists and environmental activists who warn that farming, mining and Amazon infrastructure projects, coupled with changes to Brazil's long-standing environmental policies, are reversing progress made against deforestation. 44 PHOTOS

The glory of humanity seems to be the destruction of nature upon who we utterly depend. It is a crime, geocide, to destroy this magnificent rainforest that does so much to modulate our weather. Our air, water, soils are polluted and plant and animal species are disappearing at an alarming rate. No corporation ought to exist that does not benefit life, as earth does. It is humanity’s great work to take back the right-of-person from corporations who see this planet only as a lumberyard. They have no soul.

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If you will not accept my critique of what is going on in this slideshow, what good is this opportunity to comment? Do you expect me to cheer when I see such destruction at a time when the world is in desperate need of fresh water, moderation and clearing of air from forests, sustainable employment, and sustainable ecosystems? Why should I stand by with such blatant disregard for earth in all its diversity? Why should I approve this corporate ridicule of ecological integrity, social and economic justice and peace? Who are you protecting?

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looks like corn as opposed to wheat

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Why not accept all comments. Very frustrating when comments are sent and not accepted. A waste of time and effort to put these comments forward.

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What a nightmare, irreparable destruction of a thriving environment!

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