WARNING: SOME IMAGES CONTAIN GRAPHIC CONTENT OR NUDITY In this showcase of some of Reuters' most memorable photos, the photographers offer a behind the scenes account of the images that helped define the year. 93 PHOTOS

What a wonderful collection! Congrats to the photographers and editors! Thank you.

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I remember this day. snapped a pic from 29th floor wtc building 7.

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I sat in awe as I studied each image and read each caption. Remarkable work. Emotion provoking images of life as I have never experienced. Thank you. I going to go hug my wife now.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god excellent photos, you are all father of photography , i love that alllllllllllllll…… snaps .thnak you all and all the best.

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#24 is horrible. Please tell me it was a joke they slipped in.

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Some of these photos just took my breath away.The aftermath of wars and natural weather events are similar.The Coke machine in the center of the field in Japan was my favorite.

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Best. Thank. Bravo Indonesia.

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The evidence of great photographic skill and journalistic courage does not make it possible, for some of us, to celebrate the pics. The collection is an extraordinarily sad statement on the state of humanity.

How truly hardened an editor must have become, after viewing so much misery, to associate such a collection of photos with the word “best”. This collection leads us to believe this is perhaps one of the saddest years on record. That We are not doing well.

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Awesome pictures! If you liked this, you’ll probably also like my article about the top fifty paradises on earth: http://www.squidoo.com/the-fifty-most-be autiful-places-on-earth

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Photographs of misery and dead people are considered “best photographs” of 2013? “Oh look, there’s a woman drowning. Shall I help her, or shall I take a photograph?” What if it was your child? Would you just take a photograph then?

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Totally amazing…. I have been lost for words looking throught your photographs, Thank you

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what a sad world we live on…

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Some beautiful but also some powerful photos. A poignant way to remember people so much less fortunate than ourselves, wherever they may be in the world. Here’s to hoping less tragedy befalls 2014. Life is short.

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WOW. These photos are as candid as they are depressing

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I have always thought the role of the “photographer” an odd place in the modern world. To whiness an event but in some strange way not be part of it (or at least try not to be). An eye for the world. Bravo, all of you. Brave. Stupid. Or both. Make sure you find time in your lives to write & publish books about your lives.

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These are the most raw, true and brutal photos i have ever seen. resembling the truth in a way that no words can resemble.

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I had liberal friends they were voting for Obama (the first time) because he was going to end the wars in the Middle East and bring the troops home….Suckers!!

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Fascinating. Very well put together, loved reading the stories from the photographers. Have spent the last hour or so browsing through everything!

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So sad to see how humans treat each other, makes my heart sick.
Other shots were so beautiful, quite the mix of love and hate.

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Really great photos, but… nothing cheerful in this world?..

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got some powerful stuff in this collection cant say i find the nudity bits serious though

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your photos are composed very well and i like the use of color to set the tone in each photo

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The emotion captured in these pictures is truly breathtaking. All of the photographers did an amazing job.

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Very inspiring but tragic photos. Really shows all the horrible things going on in this world.

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These pictures capture the raw and realistic emotions beautifully.

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The photos and their stories were really inspriring. I loved how each photo was unique in its technique and subject. It was amazing to see how different areas of the world are, since we so often get caught up in our own lives. Though all of the photos were beautiful, number 16 stood out to me because of its perfect lighting caused by the fire and number 56 told an unforgettable story.

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#7 was so brutal. The bull’s horn is going through his leg!!!

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