WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT INCLUDED. Our top photos from the past week 20 PHOTOS

the woman looking through the shattered glass. Her eyes speaks a log. Is she looking through her shattered life of her country??????

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Except that the person laughing in the background is actually a young boy, not a woman. The men are wearing the skirts here.

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Kiljoy616. WHAT? First, there are no women in this photo. Suggesting that women are turned on by this type of violence is just disturbing.

That being said, I did find the most striking part of the image the laughing BOYS in the photo taking pics of the man. They have been desensitized through constant exposure to these horrors. So sad. Violence begets violence.

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@Kiljoy616: Which photo do you mean? If it is number 10, that is actually a little boy wearing a sarong/dhoti/futah

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# 13 looks like a Serpent

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I so love him! He is adorable

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These are very interesting and disturbing photos..I live on a peaceful island in the USA and until I open my computer I am completely isolated from world events. I found the pictures of North American activities so incongruous to most of the other world event pictures.I am in some distinct way embarrassed by what appears to be the very frivolous activity in the USA while other people of the world are in the throws of turmoil and suffering.Yes, I realize that I sound very naive and I am.I ponder is this a good or bad thing,as I go outside to feed the wild birds..people are starving and being killed.Is this freedom? Please comment.

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Very neat blog article.Much thanks again.


A big thank you for your blog.Thanks Again. Much obliged.


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