A half-million Gaza residents have been displaced by the violence. 24 PHOTOS

If anyone asks me which side I take in this never-ending conflict, my answer is: “The reason stands with Israel, but heart is with Palestinians.”

The majority of these people and their ancestors were forcibly routed from their homes to make space for Jewish settlers and creation of State of Israel. Dreadful hate for this country and its people was instilled to their hearts and minds. They were crammed into refugee camps and most or all of their lives live in bleak and destitute conditions. And now (as so many times before) that very state, for which they feel justified contempt, is killing them, destroying their houses once again. Israeli fighter jets periodically destroy that little these people have. How is Israel supposed to achieve some sort of peaceful coexistence with them? My reason can understand logic behind these punitive actions by Israeli military. They are telling Palestinian civil populace to rout all sorts of militants from their midst as an unaivodable condition for future peaceful coexistence. From the Israeli point of view this si fully justified. But I also understand how human mind and psyche work and I am quite sure this will never happen. On the contrary, those people who lost their loved ones, their houses and property will hate Israel more than ever before and therefore destroying any future (however bleak they were before) prospects for peace. Reason is resisting the idea, that this is exactly what “hawkish” Israeli politicians want.

Israel will never compromise on its right to defend itself and its citizens (as any sovereign country won`t do) and Palestinians will continue to be guided by hate, perceived gross injustice and prospects of gloomy future for themselves and their kids.

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