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A loud and clear call

February 23, 2009

rtr1y8m4It may not have been a massive surprise, but ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet had an unwelcome message for hedge fund managers today.

The current crisis is, apparently, “a loud and clear call” to roll out regulation to all important market players, “notably hedge funds and credit rating agencies”.

For those hedge fund managers who felt, perhaps with a degree of justification, that their industry had been relatively blameless in precipitating the current crisis, that call may have been somewhat quieter and more muffled.

But the drumbeat of those calling for greater hedge fund regulation is growing and it seems increasingly likely that hedge funds will face a new raft of rules in the not too distant future.

Hedge funds have attempted to justify the slow take up of volunatry codes aimed at staving off heavy-handed regulation, but day-by-day the industry looks like it may have missed the chance of a quiet life… well, relatively speaking.

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