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Socially useful?


Andrew Baker, boss of hedge fund industry lobbyists AIMA, has taken umbrage at the “unsavoury terms” used to refer to his members.

He doesn’t like the biblical monikers of locusts or parasites and gets very prickly indeed at accusations the Mayfair money men might be socially useless.

Passive, aggressive


CHINAThe days when active managers could ride a market rally and charge high fees for doing so could be drawing to a close. Passive managers are hoping to paint their active rivals into a corner by delivering better than market returns at a lower cost. The development of so-called “smart beta” products based on non-traditional benchmarks is expected to force active managers to sharpen up or get out of the game.

Fundamental indices, which use a variety of criteria to weight stocks, and minimum volatility indices, are beginning to gain traction with institutional investors.  The latter, developed by MSCI for fund firms running managed volatility strategies, aim to deliver close to market returns but with about a third less risk, giving a better return per unit of risk, thereby improving the overall efficiency of an institutional investor’s portfolio.

Smith attacks hedge funds’ 2 and 20


Here’s the link to Terry Smith’s blog attacking the “unsupportable” practice of hedge funds charging their clients fees of 2 and 20 (2 percent annual and 20 percent performance).

Smith compares the maths that show a $1,000 investment in Berkshire Hathaway in 1965 (when Buffett began) would last year be worth $4.3 million, with a hedge fund charging 2 and 20.

Morning line-up: Asian solar, bonds and correlations


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