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Morning line-up: Soros, Ponzi, and steamrollers


News and views on the fund industry from Reuters and elsewhere:

RTR1SGF8Soros talks to Reuters TV

Guilty plea in Ponzi case – WSJ

Newcits over-rated? – FTAdviser

Nickels; steamrollers – FT

Pension issue solved: go limp – Indy

Cheyne Capital on leverage…


European lawmakers are watering down their proposals for an across-the-board cap on hedge fund leverage, says Cheyne Capital Chief Investment Officer Chris Goekjian.

Unstable, greedy, selfish….


Not the words ringing in my ears as I leave for work every morning, but City of London Investment CEO Barry Olliff’s take on the UK financial sector.

Olliff is taking his company from AIM and onto the main market next month and the new governance guidelines which will apply to the firm as a result have sparked a frank assessment. Take it away, Barry:

Morning line-up: Harvard, Japan and bubbles


News and views on the fund industry from Reuters and elsewhere:

RTR1SGF8We still like cash – Reuters

The Twitterati take

Harvard SWF prop. deal on ice – Bloomberg

…while other prop. buyers head for Japan – Reuters

Know your bubbles – AllAboutAlpha

Agriculture funds make hay…


There’s potash in them thar hills… and maybe sometime soon we’ll be wondering aloud whether potassium carbonate (thanks: Wikipedia) can push on to $2,000 per ounce. In the meantime, the buzz around fertiliser stocks has driven agriculture funds to some eye-catching outperformance.

We’ve taken a look at performance in August among equity funds available to buy in Britain. Stuart Winchester’s Thai equities fund is putting others in the shade, and a few gold funds are dotted about near the top of the rankings, but we liked the story behind the agri funds’ outperformance, riding on the back of a wave of M&A activity. You can read the story here.

Morning Line up: Soros, flash crash and potash


News and views on the fund management industry from Reuters and elsewhere

RTR1SGF8Soros gives away $100 mln - Guardian

There’s potash in them thar hills… – Reuters

Flash crash sparks dash – USA Today

Divs ain’t that bad – Bloomberg

..another fund tapping EM markets via UK Plc – Reuters

Morning line-up: MENA, property and PE discounts


News and views on the fund industry from Reuters and elsewhere:

RTR1SGF8Time is short… – Reuters

BC offers discount – FT

Lehmans wrangle – WSJ

NewSmith pay – Telegraph

MENA funds stymied – Reuters