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Another year of losses for hedge funds?


Are we heading for another down year for hedge funds?

I ask because after a choppy six months or so, during which the FTSE 100 is down 3.6 pct, hedge funds have also lost 1.12 pct.

Some commentators are predicting a rebound in equities and other assets, but others expect further volatility, which could be harmful to funds’ returns.

How much volatility can you take?


It’s been a volatile few months for stock markets and many hedge funds have suffered as a result.

However, few have had such volatile performance as Superfund.

The managed futures fund, whose founder Christian Baha we profiled in May and who pops up in today’s FT in a section extolling the virtues of ‘Vienna as a financial centre’, saw its aggressive share class fall a hefty 28.37 percent in May’s turbulent markets, having lost more than half its value in 2009.

A toast to Diageo’s pension deficit


Drinking has acquired a new meaning today:  it may not be good for you, but it will help pay pensions. 

That’s the spirit! Quite literally.

Next time your GP/health conscious spouse/friend tells you to cut on alcohol, you can tell them Diageo has sealed a deal  with its UK pension fund trustees, which includes transferring ownership  for 15 years of up to 2.5 million barrels of Scotch whisky to make good  its 862 million pound deficit.